2019 Gorgeous Pastel Hair Colors

Having experimented with different shades and extravagant hues doesn’t mean that you have worn a trendy look. You need to keep up with the fashion even if the thing is about bold and dramatic hues. So, discover the amazing world of pastel hair colors for 2019 to start the year with a glam shade. don’t miss your chance of getting the subtlest look ever with the help of a pastel hair trend.pastel hair colors for 2019Pastel Blue Hair Color

Feel the touch of the sky blue on your own hair. Style it into soft curls and enjoy your baby blue and cotton candy combination. Monotone pastel blue hair goes well with light complexions and ideal for ladies with blue eyes. Like any pastel hair color blue also requires deep bleaching to look so light and fresh. Women with dark hair may hardly go for this hair color. But if you use high-quality products you can achieve the desired result.pastel hair color 2019Pastel Pink Hair Color

The most popular pastel shade in fashion is the light pink. There is the traditional feminine touch in this hue that captures many women. So, you can choose it as a perfect pastel tint for 2019 and beautify your short, medium or long haircut. Luckily pastel pink goes well both with dark and light skin tones, you can meet even black women in pastel pink hair colors. It’s the best choice for spring and summer.pastel pink hair color 2019Pastel Teal Hair Color

Instead of the bright mint today stylists offer the mermaid pastel teal shade. it’s a cooler tone of green that reminds us of the peaceful waves of the ocean. Your dramatic transformation with pastel teal hair color can be your best experiment. It is a nice hair color to match with light and dark skin tones and green eyes.pastel teal hair color 2019Pastel Peach Hair Color

Long for a bit warmer hue? Try the glamorous pastel peach. It has become popular due to Katy Perry and lately by Kylie Jenner who proved that pastel peach can be beautifully combined with dark and light skin tones. Pastel peach has light and a bit dark tones, which differ from each other in their richness and warmth creating balance between your skin tone and hair.pastel peach hair color 2019Pastel Ombre Hair Color and Highlights

There are cases when you are afraid of radical changes but still look for a trendy hair highlighting idea. What about pastel highlights? They can be combined with the trendy ombre technique. Keep your roots in their natural shade and highlight only the medium part and the tips.pastel ombre hair color 2019

pastel highlights 2019