2019 Creative Blonde Hair Colors

No one may deny the fact that blonde is a fun and feminine hair color. If you have blonde hair then you are already charming and subtle. The latest blonde hair colors for 2019 differ from the rest of styles that you know. These are much more interesting and creative, so they are worth trying. Probably below represented models and celebrities are having more fun than you. Would you like to look like one of them? Have a look at these pictures.blonde-hair-colors-2019Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

Usually black women avoid light blonde hair colors as they think that blonde won’t look pretty with their dark complexion. However, there is always a cool solution when you keep up with the trends. In this case black women seeking for blonde hair can keep some part of their hair in a dark tone for a mutual balance. If you have gone for a pixie cut and it seems harsh for you, then you need to soften it with a light hair color. So, choose this combination.short-blonde-hair-for-black-women-2019Blonde Hair Color with Highlights

Not brown and nor blonde, these are vibrant rainbow highlights on blonde hair. If you look for a creative hair highlighting idea for your blonde tresses, you can consider this astounding style. It’s a short blonde haircut with long bangs, which are highlighted with slicing rainbow tints. Keeping these shades in pastel tones is the best solution for blonde hair. You can pair the shades that works well with each other.blonde-hair-with-highlights-2019Beige Blonde Hair Color

We seldom meet beige blonde hair colors in fashion. Women mostly opt for the trendy ash blonde tones, but beige is something warmer and softer. This creamy tone of blonde is ideal for women who have pale to medium skin tone. It is an amazing hair color in its monochrome and natural-looking effect. Many can opt for it as a nude hair color idea.beige-blonde-hair-color-2019Blonde to Pink Ombre Hair Color

Tired of the traditional ombre hairstyles? Let’s try a blonde to pink ombre hair color in 2019. Instead of dark roots we have all over blonde shade with some pinkish tips. This says no to the common and complicated ombre hair colors and opens the doors for more effortless styles.platinum-blonde-to-pastel-pink-hair-ombre-2019Yellow Blonde Hair Color

The vibrant yellow hair color may be too much for you and your complexion. But if you really want to pull off a warm yellowish hair color, then you are supposed to take something between sunny and warm blonde hair colors. Of course, yellow highlights will just enhance your tone but you should consult with a stylist before dying your hair in a warm yellowish blonde hair color.  yellow-blonde-hair-color-2019