2019 Cotton Candy Hairstyle Ideas

Festive days are already in the corner and we are supposed to think of fabulous hair color and hairstyle ideas. What we do with our hair to make it look festive? Well, first of all we think of a fresh, vivid and bright hair color and then pick a matching hairstyle. Are you ready for cotton candy hairstyles in 2019? If yes, then find your next inspiration in this string of cotton candy hair colors and hairstyles.cotton-candy-hair-colors-hairstyles-2019Cotton Candy Soft Hairstyle

Although most cotton candy hairstyles are in messy, curly and frizzy but there are also some softer and subtler styles like this cute hairdo. Pink is the main shade that represents the cotton candy effect. It is very beautiful with blonde highlights and base hair colors. Women with naturally blonde hair can pull off fantastic cotton candy hairstyles with pink shades. This glamorous hairstyle will give you an angelic look and will bring out your eyes. Combine it with pink lips.cotton-candy-soft-hairstyle-2019Cotton Candy Curls

Pink is not the only shade that creates a cotton candy look. Today we can see cotton candy hairstyles in many shades including the trendy grey. If you have decided to take your grey hair to the next level as well as add a festive and girlish touch then messy curls are waiting for you. Try to get natural-looking curls and style them into undone updo hairstyles with bobby pins. Finish with smokey or grayish makeups.cotton-candy-curls-2019Cotton Candy Frizzy Hair

Now something exiting for girls with naturally frizzy hair. It’s the high time to show us the real beauty of your natural hairstyle. Go for a layered haircut and add cotton candy highlights in a multidimensional style. Use this trick for your crazy evening parties and festivals. Amuse your friends with your super voluminous, soft and sweet hairstyles.cotton-candy-frizzy-hairstyle-2019Cotton Candy Short Waves

Short or mid-length hair are awesome in wavy hairstyles. Now imagine you have the same hairstyle in a tender cotton candy hue. Here is an inspiring example for you. Those messy waves on the top part sparkle with their blonde and pink shades. It makes us think of more original and feminine hairdos for 2019. Paired with natural makeup and light pink lips it’s very subtle in spite of the messy touch.cotton-candy-short-waves-hairstyle-2019Cotton Candy Rainbow Hairstyle

Braids are the best hairstyles when you want to draw attention to your rainbow hair color. Cotton candy colored hair with several shades of rainbow will look nicer even with half-braided hairstyles. Even if you have straight hair you can still get a ravishing rainbow effect with your favorite braided hairstyle.cotton-candy-messy-braid-hairstyle-2019