Light and Dark Grey Hair Color Ideas

Nowadays the popular granny hair trend is called a huge youthful hair coloring idea and is no more something new or unusual. If you are inpatient to wait for your natural grey hair or just seek for an innovative hair color idea, here we represent to you the latest light and dark grey hair color ideas look at these pictures and get your source of inspiration for 2019. Luckily, grey hair is for everyone and each shade fins its wearer.grey hair colors 2019Light Grey Hair Colors and Your Complexion

Let’s start from the light silver shades which comes up in a few effects. Some are highlighted with silver blue tints, which make gray locks shiny and sparkling. Generally light shades of grey go well with naturally light hair colors and pale skin tones. They complement ash-y, blue and green eyes. light grey hair color 2019It’s quite easy to get light grey hair color on light blonde locks, but things become more complicated when it comes to dark hair. You need to bleach it until light blonde in order to get the so wanted light silver hair. Actually dark-skinned and black-haired women avoid this style as the risks of damaging hair increase. Besides, light grays look natural with light complexions. The key to a perfect look is to imagine your hair in your natural grey shade.light grey hair color trend 2019

light grey hair 2019Dark Grey Hair Colors and Your Complexion

Well, if the light grey tints work ideal with pale complexions and light eyes, then darker hues go well with darker hair colors, skin tones and eyes. Opt for a flattering hue of deep and dark grey and highlight it with lavender highlights if you like.  Black women can wear this hair color to bring out the darkness of their skin tone as well as to make their deep eye hue shine more beautifully.dark grey hair color idea for 2019 We often meet stunning black Hollywood stars in grey hair colors and the statistics show that the majority opt for dark silver hair. Hairstylist don’t recommend to go for the deep bleaching to get light silver locks. It’s better to enjoy your natural dark silver tone. So, keep up with the fashion and embrace your natural prettiness.dark grey hair color for 2019

dark grey hair color trend 2019Have a look at these examples once more and consult with your hair colorist to choose the best tone according to your complexion and undertones. Combine your new hair color with trendy haircuts, hairstyles and highlights.