Best Hair Color Ideas to Hide Grey Hair

Women start noticing their first grey strands after 30. Although grey hair is the biggest hair color trend for the moment but there are many women who prefer hiding their grays with other trendy hair colors. If you are one of them who doesn’t feel herself confident with grey hair and wants to make it nicer, here are the best hair color ideas for grey Golden Blonde Hair Color

Fair skinned women with warm undertones and naturally light hair can opt for the sophisticated light golden blonde hair color to hide their grey hue. Of course, it’s easier to deal with grays when you have naturally light and not dark hair. Golden blonde beautifully brings out warm undertones and creates a neutral, well balanced effect for you.light-golden-blonde-hair-color-2019Copper Hair Color

Looking for a richer and warmer hair color? Take the stunning copper hair color to cover up your grey locks. It best goes with fair skin tones and warm undertones and compliments green eyes. This hair color can easily soften your appearance and make you look younger. In case you have darker hair, you can go ahead with a darker copper shade. Women with light hair colors can get the desired result easily and daintily.copper-hair-color-2019Multi-Tone Blonde Hair Color

It is more than obvious that yellowish grey strands best go with blonde highlights and tones. If you have light grey hair and seek for a sun-kissed effect for it, you can add multi-tone blonde highlights all over your strands. This combination compliments fair skin tones and cool undertones. It can warm up your complexion. It’s recommended to refresh your haircut before going for multi-tone blonde hair colors.multi-tone-blonde-for-old-women-2019Mahogany Red Hair Color

Many of my mother’s friends dye their hair in this classic mahogany red shade to cover up the gray shade. It best goes with medium skin tones and looks nice both with brown and light eye hues. Compared with copper red mahogany is more natural and exquisite. It has brownish undertones, which don’t allow red become a dominant shade. The result is generally very satisfying.classic-mahogany-red-hair-color-2019Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Any shade of chestnut brown looks fantastic on grey hair. This is the most neutral brown hair color that works with most skin tones including light and dark complexions. It will never give up on you and will never show off your grey hair if you refresh it regularly. Chestnut brown is usually the best choice for classic women.chestnut-brown-hair-color-2019