Best Grey Hair Colors for All Skin Tones

Whatever your skin tone grey is a natural human hair color, which means that you can dye your locks in a flattering shade of silver. Granny hair has replaced its place from runways to the streets and is now on thing for young women. All you need to pick the right shade for your hair is to consider your complexion. Consult with a stylist or keep on reading to discover the best grey hair colors for your skin tone. We will help you to find the shade of grey that best goes with your complexion.grey-hair-colors-and-skin-tones-2019Grey Hair Color for Light Skin Tones

If you have light skin tone and want to pull off a nice grey hair color you should go for a creamy or yellowish shade of grey not to look washed out. On the other hand too much gold is not so suitable for light skin. So, choose the golden mean between all the grey hair colors to flatter with your pale skin tone. So, opt for a paler yellow grey hair color for light skin tones.grey-hair-color-for-light-skin-2019Grey Hair Color for Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tones are warmer and they usually have yellowish undertones. Here you have more versatility. Steely grey hair colors will perfectly go with most medium skin tones. If you have medium skin but dark hair you are welcome to try a dramatic grey hairstyle keeping the top of your locks in dark shade and lightening up the tips. Women with reddish undertones on their skin should avoid extremely white hues as they will bring out the red tone even more obviously.  grey-hair-color-for-medium-skin-2019Grey Hair Color for Dark Skin Tones

Women with dark, tanned or warmer skin tones mostly have dark hair. This means that the most suitable shades of gray are between dark hues for dark complexions. Of course there can be expectations, but believe in me dark grey hair colors are amazing combined with dark skin tones. Take examples from celebs who rock dark silver hair with their black skin tones.grey-hair-color-for-black-skin-2019Celebrities with Grey Hair Colors

Naturally, grey shade can be the first inspiration for you to go for fully silver mane. It is very popular among older celebrities who love to embrace their natural hair colors. Meryl Streep, Stacy London, Helen Mirren, Judy Dench, Emmylou Harris and Jamie Lee Curtis are our favorite celebrities in natural grey hair colors. Have a look at their gorgeous styles.emmylou-harris-grey-hair-color-2019