5 Best Sandy-Smokey Ash Hair Colors

Many hair colors can have their ash-y, sandy or smokey version. Compared with hot and shiny hair colors they look faded and very natural. today the luxurious world of fashion is flooded by smokey and ash-y makeup tips, outfits and accessories which give hair colorists new ideas on how to get matching shades of hair.  Among latest hair color trends, we often meet sandy-smokey ash hair colors, which make females so subtle and sophisticated. Below you can find the best smokey black, sandy ash blonde, ash brown, sandy pastel and smokey gray hair colors and make the right choice for you in 2019.ash hair colors 2019Sandy Ash Blonde Hair Color

Blonde has millions of hues but it’s only the sandy ash blonde that looks so rich and delightful in its hair color combination. Many Hollywood actresses pull off the ash blonde hair color to look like real blondes. It’s a mixture of light and matte milky hues and shiny platinum and silver hair colors, which steal attention due to their tenderness. For those who want to go for a subtle ash blonde hair color, you need to bleach your hair out first. It’s necessary to bring hair to a possible lightness in order to get the ash-y tone.sandy ash blonde hair color 2019Ash Brown Hair Color

Feel the soft smokey and ash-y touch on your brown hair dying it into this cool hair color. It’s very feminine thanks to its softness and hardly noticeable gray highlights.  This hair color goes well with medium, olive and warm skin tones and compliments hazel, brown and green eyes. Ash browns make dark hair very exquisite and break down any harshness.ash brown hair color 2019Ash Grey Hair Color

You may think that all the ash hair colors are the same but it’s only from the first glance. Actually, there is a touchable difference between various tones of smokey and ash hair colors. For example, ash gray has both light and dark hues which are sometimes mixed in one hairstyle. The result is this delightful and rich hair color, which compliments most skin tones and eye hues. Some dark silver highlights along with pastel hints are able to make hair fuller and deeper-looking.  ash grey hair color 2019Ash Pastel Hair Color

Recently we meet the washed out pastel hair color trends on the runway. This is the same ash pastel hair trend which grabs so much attention because people think that you don’t care about your hair color but soon they will realize that this the next big hair color trend for 2019. It seems as if you had pastel hair and now it’s faded away, but the truth is that you have mixed your pastel shade with ash-y grayish tints to achieve a shine-free and natural hue. It’s really amazing.sandy pastel hair color 2019

smokey greay hair color 2019Smokey Black Hair Color

And the fifth smokey hair color is the soft and monotone black. While jet black sparkles with its fresh and glossy tones, smokey black looks natural and very gentle. It is an elegant black hair color for classic women who like to keep their style simple and trendy. Smokey black hair color compliment dark and warm skin tones and brings out lighter complexions.smokey black hair color 2019