Warm Gold Hair Color Ideas

They are rich and sunny and who doesn’t like to have it on her hair? We are back with warm gold hair colors and the best part about this article is going to be your inspiration. We are happy to tell you that the hair color palette is again enriched with golden tints, which go well with various skin tones and eye hues. The most fascinating thing about these warm golden tones is that they bring a light an sun-kissed touch both to light and dark hair colors. Your hair gets a lot of shine and sparkles with all its power. What else you need to spice up your look? warm-gold-hair-colors-for-2019 Warm gold is tender but definitely visible, this the main reason why celebrities with light brown or faded blonde hair color choose the golden tint. Compared with common golden hair colors which have a yellowish effect in them warm gold is richer and glossier. Many prefer to go super light for the summer, therefore stylists provide with a little richer and a little darker shade allowing those highlights to hibernate during the winter.warm-gold-hair-colors-2019How to Get Warm Gold Hair Color?

First of all let’s consider your current hair color as the base shade plays a great role when it comes to another hair color. Many of you may already have some highlights on their hair which they want to cover up or refresh. If you have dark hair and want to make it shinier then go ahead with warm yet a bit dark shade of golden hue. Ask your colorist to achieve a warm gloss to kick off your brand new “fall color”. warm-gold-hair-color-trend-2019Since glosses are semi-permanent or demi-permanent colors, they’ll fade out quickly. So, refresh them frequently. Women with lighter hair colors can ask for light golden shades to warm up their hair color. First, try glossing in order to see if you like it and then go for a permanent color if you really love it!warm-gold-hair-color-2019Warm Gold Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

Besides the base hair color you also need to pay special attention to your skin tone to be sure the warm gold is the right hair color for you. Women with different skin tones can pull off gold hair colors. The key to a perfect combination is hidden behind your undertones. It’s preferable to match gold hair colors with warm undertones instead of reddish, pinkish or too cool tones. warm-gold-hair-color-idea-for-2019However, if you are a master of hiding the reddish or pale undertones, then wear a matching makeup for your gold hair color. Try to minimize the pink and opt for the bronze. Bronze  tones are much more complimentary and harmonious for warm gold toned hair. Of course, the lightness or the darkness of your hair color depends on your complexion and eye hue.warm-gold-hair-color-idea-2019