Subtle Rose Gold Hair Colors

What do you know about the versatility of hair colors? Classic blonde, brunette red or even ombre shades are not enough to tell that you are familiar with the trendy hues. Today there are so many hues and tones of the same hair color that you even get confused in the huge variety of options. Things are much more complicated when it comes to hair color mixtures and combinations like the rose gold hair color. Let’s discover this new and subtle shade for 2019.rose gold hair color ideas 2019What is Rose Gold Hair Color?

It’s better to realize what the rose gold hair color is first and then go ahead with its possible tones and hues. So, rose gold is the pink-y metallic shade of rose that has golden tints and shine. It is the favorite hue of many celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Elle Fanning. Today many wear the light metallic rose hair color and highlight it with sun-kissed golden shades. Without being too pink and vibrant rose gold provides you with a tender hair color and keeps all eyes on your super feminine look. rose gold hair color trend 2019Most hair salons are familiar with the right coloring technique of rose gold shades. Thus, you need to refer to the most professional stylist if you want to reach a result closer to celebrity looks. All we can do is just offer the most inspiring styles, looks and images of this hair color. Take a picture with you to the saloon ask for the same shade according to your current base hair color and skin tone. Stylist say that rose gold hair color usually lasts between 5-7 washes which means that the less you wash your mane the longer your new hair color will last.   The secret to gorgeous rose gold hair is so simple and fun. You just need to apply the wash to shampooed hair and leave it on for a few minutes. Then wash it after 10 minutes and you are blessed with the desired result.rose gold hair color trend for 2019Rose Gold Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

Perhaps this is one of the latest hair trends on Instagram. It is a compelling and capturing shade of pink and gold and seems to be a shiny pastel hue. Due to cool mixtures of blonde and reddish hues it comes up in a variety of light and a bit dirty shades which compliment different skin tones. In spite of the fact that it’s a brand new light hair color it goes well both with tanned and pale complexions. The most interesting thing about it is that stylists mostly recommend to match it with tanned skin tones to get a trendier effect. You can enrich it with some warm highlights and then cute wavy and curly hairstyles.rose gold hair color idea for 2019

rose gold hair color idea 2019

rose gold hair color idea

rose gold shade for curls 2019

rose gold hair color 2019

rose gold hair color with highlights 2019