Amazing Gold Leaf Hair Colors in Fashion

After the silver and gold temporary hair tattoos designers decided that this can become a cool hair color inspiration for many of us. Today we see the amazing gold leaf hair colors in the fashion world with a posh and modern twist. It’s created special for those who consider hair tattoos simpler and seek for a more attractive option of golden effect on hair. It allows you to add an incredible shine and gloss on your light or dark locks instead of spreading the old-fashioned The gold leaf hair color trend has become so popular and trendy due to the latest fashion weeks during which models were rocking festive and glam outfits with sparkling gold hairstyles and makeups. The first representation of gold-leaf hair was at the Dries van Noten. Use this trick to  show off your holiday cheer with the help of gold leaf hair color to Get Gold Leaf Hair Color?

While some prefer to add thin and subtle golden highlights, others cover all their hair with gold shades. The secret to keep the golden shade on hair is hidden behind the simple technique. You need to use a hair gel to get this amazing hair color. Apply the gel on the parts of your hair where you want to achieve the golden shade. Use tweezers to adhere the gold leaf itself. You need to pat down thin layers of gold leaf on your hair. The gold tones create an impression of warmth and richness that lead to healthy-looking hair. You can find detailed tutorials of gold-leaf hair colors on YouTube. After watching several videos you’ll surely find your ultimate hair color inspiration for Leaf Hair Color and Your Base Shade

Your base hair color doesn’t play a great role when it comes to gold leaf hair colors. Why? Because this is not a traditional and common hair coloring idea that requires bleaching or darkening. So, whatever your hair color you can always wear glossy gold leaf shades on your tresses. The only difference will be the reflection on light and dark hair. If your hair is dark then you’ll get an amazing touch of gold. If it’s light blonde you’ll surely achieve a subtler and glossier effect on it. Redheads have the opportunity to amuse us with their unique hairstyles beautified with gold leaf