Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Best Hair Colors

If you are wondering whether there are hair colors that match almost all complexions then follow Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s best hair colors. She knows which shades look natural and go well with her medium skin tone. She always opts for the shades that enhance her natural beauty. Have a look at these hues of blonde and brown and go for a new hair color in 2019.rosie-huntington-whiteley-hair-colors-2019Rosie Huntington’s Balayage Hair Color

What captures our hearts in Rosie Huntington’s look is her hair and seductive facial expression. This stunner rocks trendy hair colors like the popular balayage. The free-hand hair coloring technique where gentle dye is painted on through the ends has become one of her favorite styles. Avoid too much bleach if you want to get this amazing result. Opt for light and dark hair color combos.rosie-huntington-balayage-hair-color-2019Rosie Huntington’s Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

The next shade that flatters Rosie Huntington’s is the light ash blonde. It lightens up her complexion and looks natural with her green eyes. In order to keep her hair color shiny her stylist has added some slicing platinum highlights. You can do the same if you decide to go for an ash blonde hair color. Women with darker complexions can balance everything with dark roots.rosie-huntington-light-ahs-blonde-hair-color-2019Rosie Huntington’s Rose Gold Hair Color

If you look for a warmer hair color inspiration for your blonde hair then consider Rosie Huntington’s rose gold hair color. This shade goes with rosy undertones and looks perfect with light to medium skin tones. It’s a subtle and glam hair color, so you can keep it in a monotone effect and go for regular touch ups.rosie-huntington-rose-gold-hair-color-2019Rosie Huntington’s Blonde Highlights

Light blonde hair colors with multi-tone blonde highlights look richer and more attractive. Once Rosie Huntington went for a short haircut, she decided to display her new style with fresh blonde highlights. Actually she prefers slicing and natural-looking highlights which provide her with the desired capturing result. Women with short blonde hair can update their shade with this easy trick.rosie-huntington-whiteley-blonde-highlights-2019Rosie Huntington’s Dark Brown Hair Color

We haven’t seen her in a dark shade for a long time but we do love her mysterious look with dark brown hairstyles. Rosie Huntington has become a big fan of blonde hair colors but we remember her luscious and thick brown hairstyles with shiny highlights framing her face. This cutie is awesome both in dark and light hair colors.rosie-huntington-dark-brown-hair-color-2019