Pretty Celebrity Hair Color Ideas

Welcome the ultimate hair color ideas from celebrities. These are the most amazing shades that you’ll meet in 2019. Copy the shades that seem to be perfect for your complexion and base hair color. The quickest way to take your look to the next level is dying your hair in a new hair color. You don’t always have to go bold to grab attention. Subtle shades can also draw attention to your appearance.Pretty Celebrity Hair Color IdeasLady Mary Charteris Blonde-Pink Hair Color

The combination of blonde hair with pink highlights is always well-balanced. Lady Mary Charteris is a big fan of pink hair colors and this is not the only time she has gone for this cute change. Her blonde hair with pink tips is eye-grabbing and interesting. If you have naturally blonde hair and want to add it a kind of interest then this mixture can be a good idea.Lady Mary Charteris Blonde-Pink Hair ColorNikki Reed Vibrant Ombre Hair Color

Do you have brunette hair? Warm it up with bright and fiery ombre highlights like Nikki Reed. This two-tone look suits her complexion and makes her hair healthier-looking. It is obvious that her long hairstyle perfectly goes with ombre hair colors and adds even more of a cool effect. Your next highlighting idea for brunette hair can be this hot option of ombre.Nikki Reed Vibrant Ombre Hair ColorJourdan Dunn Dark Silver Hair Color

Dark-skinned women guess what shade their grey strands are going to be. Jourdan Dunn is a hot model with dark silver hair color. Dark silver or grey hues are shiny and they are stunning with on brunette locks. She looks more glamorous and inspiring in her trendy hairstyle.Jourdan Dunn Dark Silver Hair ColorKylie Jenner Two-Tone Hair Color

Is there a single rainbow shade that Kylie Jenner hasn’t worn on her hair? If there is, she will surely try it out soon. One of her flashiest rainbow hair colors is the following two-tone hair trend. It’s a pastel pink to green hair color idea with dark roots. She has kept the roots dark so that the result would be flattering with her warm skin. Actually, pastel hair colors are ideal for blondes and light-skinned women but Kylie likes to get them on her air and match with her tan complexion. Kylie Jenner Two-Tone Hair ColorKeke Palmer Silver Blue Hair Color

Silver shades blended with light blue hair colors remind us that we have a new and more stunning shade replacing the common granny hair trend. It’s obvious that this hair color idea is well-balanced with light skin and is hotter with black skin. Keke Palmer proves that she can rock it with confident.Keke Palmer Silver Blue Hair Color