Jennifer Lawrence’s Hair Color Makeover

Everyone who has ever followed Jennifer Lawrence’s style has probably noticed how wisely she makes her hairstyle and hair color choices. She never fails and therefore comes up with a variety of cool looks and inspiring styles. Today we’ll represent Jennifer Lawrence’s hair color makeover special for those who like to play with contrasting hair colors. Here are Jennifer Lawrence’s best hair color ideas.jennifer-lawrence-hair-colors-2019Jennifer Lawrence Dark Brown Hair Color

Remember her brunette locks? A few of you may remember Jennifer Lawrence’s dark brown hair color in a long sleek hairstyle. It’s one of the edgiest shades that she rocks with her medium complexion. This hair color is in thing these days and seems to be an ideal choice for long-haired classic women who prefer straight hairstyles. Jennifer Lawrence rocks it like a real brunette. Dark brown warms up her complexion and makes her eyes pop out.jennifer-lawrence-brown-hair-color-2019Jennifer Lawrence Black Hair Color

Of course, black is darker and tends to be harsher but Jennifer knows how to deal with it. She pairs her black shade with long wavy hairstyles, which soften her look. Such a dark hair color is perfect if you want to bring out your light eyes. Dark shade frames her cute face and makes her even more seductive. Anyone with medium skin tone and light eyes can go for black shade to enhance her charming complexion.jennifer-lawrence-black-hair-color-2019Jennifer Lawrence Caramel Hair Color

Between light brown tones Jennifer prefers the warm and rich caramel. It highlights her astounding appearance and creates a natural effect. Her stylist has combined several caramel tones with some sun-kissed balayage highlights to create an overall rich and stunning effect. The result is glamorous due to her long layered hairstyle.jennifer-lawrence-caramel-hair-color-2019Jennifer Lawrence Blonde Hair Color

Short hair and blonde shade. This is Jennifer Lawrence’s shocking hairstyle transformation that makes us think of a choppy cut and a light hair color. blonde suits her more than brunette but the fact is that she looks soft in blonde hair and very hot in brunette. We love how she pulled off this angelic look with a sunny blonde hair color.jennifer-lawrence-2019-blonde-hairJennifer Lawrence Ash Blonde Hair Color

Keeping up with trendy blonde hair colors Jennifer Lawrence has also experimented with lighter shades such as ash blonde and platinum. Here you see her in a shaggy bob haircut with a subtle ash blonde tone. It frames her lovely face daintily and works well with her light eyes. Such a shiny and cool hair color is a good choice if you want to lighten up your medium complexion.jennifer-lawrence-ash-blonde-hair-2019Jennifer Lawrence Platinum Blonde Hair Color

And here is her platinum shade about which I have already mentioned above. This tone of blonde is quite light and sparkling for her trendy haircut. This awesome hairstyle and hair color combination has become a big trend for 2019. So, change up your look like Jennifer Lawrence with the help of a choppy lob or bob in a platinum blonde hue.jennifer-lawrence-platinum-hair-color-2019