Famous Women in Grey Hair Colors

Famous women who have gone for grey hair for purpose made granny hair a big trend. Nowadays we are not surprised by the posh street looks with silver hair. Although young women with grey hair stand out in the crowd but this shade is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It doesn’t ask hair color, skin tone or eye hue. Every tone of silver finds its owners and fancy queens. Let’s see some of the best grey hair colors from famous women.silver hair colors 2019Dascha Polanco Grey Hair Color

Dascha Polanco is the first celebrity on our list rocking grey hair. She has chosen a cute combination of pastel lilac and ash-y grey shades, which provide her with a super subtle look. This gray-to-lilac ombré has made a statement in the fashion world and is copied by many of her fans. According to Polanco she asked her hairstylist for another hair color but the result is this. However, it looks pretty too.Dascha Polanco grey hair color 2019Zosia Mamet Silver Hair Color

A perfect shade of silver is worn by Zosia Mamet. She know how to beautify it with youthful short bob haircuts. Thanks to her cute hairstyle we realize how glamorous granny hair can be. It goes well with her pale complexion and draws attention to her dark eyes. She sometimes wears side swept and bobby pinned hairstyle to give it a girlish touch.   Zosia Mamet silver hair color 2019Lady Gaga Grey Hair Color

As for Lady Gaga, she has gone for a light silver hair color and in spite of her long mane, she has bleached it out into a super light hue in order to achieve this cool granny hair. The retro inspired long waves and bold makeup highlight her unique style and prove that Lady has discovered the secret of grabbing attention.Lady Gaga silver hair color 2019Kelly Osbourne Grey Hair Color

Whatever she pulls off she does her best to look as girlish as possible. Even granny hair color doesn’t forbid her to look so youthful and fabulous. Kelly Osbourne is one of the celebrities who prefer to stand out from the crowd with their edgy haircuts and trendy hair colors. She always chooses the subtlest shades for her hair. The result is gorgeous.Kelly Osbourne grey hair color 2019Rihanna Gray Hair Color

Finally, here is a cool inspiration for black women. Rihanna is one of the celebrities in dark grey hair color. This shade goes well with her dark and warm complexion as well as with her dark eyes. It goes without saying that her long side swept hairstyle makes the hair color even prettier.Rihanna  in Grey Hair Colors