Celebrity Inspired Hair Highlights

What makes us think of new hair colors or highlights? Perhaps all the stunning celebrities who keep up with trends and achieve cool hairstyles inspire us to go for new changes. Whether your hair is dark, bright or light you are welcome to experiment with celebrity inspired hair highlights to look fancy and gorgeous. Check out these fantastic solutions of hair highlights for different base hair colors and make the right choice for your current hairstyle and hair color. Also, pay attention to the hairstyles as they also play a great role in your look.celebrity-hair-highlights-2019Eva Longoria Caramel Highlights

Do you have dark brown hair like Eva Longoria? Look, how beautiful she looks in her shiny and sweet caramel highlights combined with a long wavy hairstyle. This is her signature style that highlights her seductive femininity. Caramel highlights look subtle and very trendy on dark brown hair. They are ideal especially for the face framing tresses and tips.eva-longoria-hair-highlights-2019Elizabeth Olsen Blonde Highlights

Elizabeth Olsen has an incredible love towards hair highlights. She likes to experiment with a variety of styles from natural looking brown tones to sun-kissed blonde highlights.  Elizabeth Olsen has a kind of effortless style that inspires many of us. She looks gorgopus in her light highlighted hairstyle with multi-tone blondes melting from the top to the tips.elizabeth-olsen-hair-highlights-2019Gisele Bündchen Warm Highlights

Gisele Bündchen is a real wearer of natural-looking highlights. She always chooses the tones that are closer to her natural shade and make it even prettier. She always looks like she has just came back from the beach no matter it’s summer or winter. The secret is hidden behind her warm highlights and beach waves hairstyles.gisele-bundchen-hair-highlights-2019Scarlett Johansson Multi-Tone Blonde Highlights

Multidimensional highlights are so typical to Scarlett Johansson. She opts for this style even for her short cuts. Multi-tone brown and blonde highlights create a rich effect for long and medium hairstyles. They are so pretty in wavy and curly hairstyles. If you like rich hair color ideas then mix several hues of the same shade.scarlett-johansson-hair-highlights-2019Ashley Greene Slicing Highlights

Light brown and blonde tones are sometimes the best choice for dark brown or chestnut hair. They become flashier and subtler with the help of slicing technique. Take an example form Ashley Greene who perfects slicing highlights on her classic hairstyles. This stunner makes blonde tones so harmonious for her medium brown hair. We love the way she rocks these highlights according to her complexion.ashley-greene-hair-highlights-2019