Bold Hair Color Ideas from Celebs

From two-tone hair colors to the craziest bold hair color ideas from celebs here are your favorite shades that you have always dreamed to pull off like your natural hair color. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Nicole Richie, Demi Lovato and Lily Allen are going to inspire you to dye your locks in vibrant hair colors and get a dramatic change.bold-hair-color-ideas-from-celebs-2019Kylie Jenner Dark Green Hair Color

Is there a hair color that Kylie hasn’t tried yet? If there is, then we’ll won’t wait long to see her in that particular shade too. She is one of the youngest celebrities who inspire teenagers with their crazy hair color ideas. Dark green is perhaps her most original hair color. This unique shade goes well with her dark hair and tanned complexion creating a festive Christmas style. We have seen her in other green hair colors, but this very tone is more vibrant and original. It differs from the rest of her green hair colors.kylie-jenner-dark-green-hair-2019Nicole Richie Silver Hair Color

Dark skin tone and such light silver hair? It seems as if Nicole Richie never minds about contrasts and does her best to create the most contrasting styles. We still remember her lavender hair but silver is her most extravagant hair color choice. Her eyes become brighter and her skin tone looks more beautiful with the help of light silver hair. It is even edgier with the messy updo hairstyle.nicole-richie-silver-hair2019Demi Lovato Blue Green Hair Color

Demi Lovato’s long hairstyles have undergone many bold hair colors but her shorter hairstyles are nicer in dramatic shades such as this blue ombre style. It makes her hair soft and her face brighter. Since she has light skin and dark eyes her light and dark hair color combo is on point.demi-lovato-blue-hair-2019Katy Perry Purple Hair Color

Another light-skinned lady with vibrantly dark hair color is Katy Perry. Her light eyes become so bright thanks to the dark plum hair color. Her lavender shade is well-balanced but dark purple is more glamorous and eye-catching. This hair color is a great trend for 2019 and can highlight your brunette hair or can transform you from a blonde lady to a stunning fairy.katy-perry-purple-hair-color-2019Lily Allen Vibrant Hair Color

What do we see here? Is that pink, coral, purple or something else? Lily Allen rocks a vibrant hair color combination which has no name but is still unique and attractive. We may call it a multidimensional hair color that starts from dark roots and ends with lighter tips which soften the overall look.lily-allen-bold-hair-color-2019