Amber Heard’s Hair Color Makeover

Every time Amber Heard pulls off a new hair color she does her best to look more gorgeous and delightful. Her succeeded experiments soon become big trends after she appears on the screens and on the red carpet. This actress likes to play with elegant hair colors and hairstyles some of which are represented below. Check out Amber Heard’s hair color makeover to steal her style.amber-heards-hair-color-makeover-2019Amber Heard Sombre Hair Color

Amber Heard is a big fan of multi-tone hair colors. She likes to combine light and dark shades of the same family and always gets fancy combinations. Since both blonde and brunette shades go well with her complexion she easily wears sombre hair colors with dark and light hair color goes without saying that she carefully matches those hair colors with the best hairstyles.amber-heard-subtle-ombre-hair-color-2019Amber Heard Dark Ombre Hair Color

As for her ombre hair colors, we mainly see her in darker and more vibrant hues. Here is the lavishing old Hollywood curls in fresh and glossy ombre hair color. You can consider this hairstyle for a prom night and different parties. Dark roots highlight her light eyes and gradually become softer at the tips with a lighter shade. In spite of the fact that she has fair skin and light eyes this dark ombre compliments her style.amber-heard-dark-ombre-hair-color-2019Amber Heard Ash Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Haven’t you see Amber Heard in such a light hair color? Well, there were times when she used to rock blonde locks. Her ash platinum blonde hair color wouldn’t be so stunning if was not that elegant updo hairstyle. It balances down the lightness of her hair color with her complexion.amber-heard-ash-platinum-blonde-hair-color-2019Amber Heard Two-Tone Hair Color

As I have already mentioned above Amber Heard likes multi-tone hair colors. One of her coolest experiments is the following two-tone hair color. It reminds us of the trendy split hair colors. The result is more amazing thanks to her faux undercut braid hairstyle. It displays how beautifully her shades are placed on her long tresses.amber-heard-two-tone-hair-color-2019Amber Heard Blonde Hair Color

Amber Heard is very hot in brown hairstyles and quite soft in blonde hair colors. Here she is with her light blonde hair with warm and light brown highlights placed on the bangs and underneath hair. Once she opts for blonde hair colors she becomes very celestial. Blonde suits her angelic eyes and light skin.amber-heard-blonde-hair-color-2019