Red Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Reddish hairstyles, highlights and hot red hair colors 2019 will become your beauty weapon. Such a fiery and lavishing hair color string is the most exiting of all hair color ideas. Do you want to look like a natural redhead? Opt for ginger, copper and light auburn hair colors. Do you want to keep all eyes on your mysterious look? Play with reddish brown, burgundy and darker red hair colors.

2019 Light Red Hair Color Inspiration

Light hair colors are mainly between blondish and strawberry shades but we can also find red hair colors with light hues and effects for those who have pale or medium complexion and want to look like real redheads with the right chosen ginger tone. Check out this list of light red hair colors for 2019 and decide whether you have the matching skin tone for one of these shades or not and then go ahead with the most suitable hair color.light red highlightsRed Ombre Hair Color

The pure red ombre hair colors are combinations of dark and light reds which are beautifully placed all over the hair. The roots are generally in dark tones of red while the tips are dyed in light ginger red shades. In case you want a reverse ombre hair color you should keep the tips dark and lighten up only the roots. Actually, the process of dying depends on your natural hair color.

Tips and Tricks for Red Hair Colors

Dying hair in red is not a simple task if you are a natural brunette or blonde-haired lady. This process requires carefulness and special attention. Every shade of red asks for particular skin tones and eye hues. The lighter your skin tone the lighter should be your red shade and the darker your complexion the darker your brand new red needs to be. Many red hair colors are trendy these days and you can dye your hair in the most flattering tone of Hair Color Fades Quickly

Women who dye their hair in red face several problems such as the quick fade. So, why do red hair colors fade so quickly? Well, when it’s your natural hair color it won’t fade but if it’s a new shade for you then take special care of. Experts tell that red hair molecule is the largest of all dye molecules. It can fade away with each wash especially if you don’t use the right products. Once you dye your hair in red you should say goodbye to some of the common products and take red hair color protective shampoo and conditioner to keep your locks shiny, fresh and gorgeous. This is not a pastel shade to look beautiful even after fading. Bright reds fade faster and don’t look that pretty.

2019 Mahogany Hair Colors

Mahogany is a wood inspired hair color with reddish-brown base. It’s a deep and rich hair color to match with various complexions.  Some call it mahogany red and some think that it’s mahogany brown. Both opinions can be right as we see several tone of mahogany and some are too reddish, some are too brownish. No matter, what you call it, it’s a delightful hair color to rock in 2019. Check out these trendy mahogany hair colors for 2019.2019 Mahogany Hair ColorsMahogany Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

First of all, keep in mind that mahogany is a deep yet natural-looking red hair color and you are looking for a bolder red shade, then think of another red hue. Mahogany red is a great hair color for women over 40. It is awesome with short, medium and long hairstyles. Such a warm and delightful hair color compliments light to medium skin tones with green, hazel or light brown eyes.

Flattering Hair Highlights for Red Hair

We often speak about suitable highlights for blonde and brunette hair but there are flattering hair highlights for red hair too. Special for all my redheads, here are the most beautiful highlights. They are here to inspire you to liven up your strands in 2019. If you love your red hair you should think of modern touches for it. So, let’s start!red-hair-with-highlights-2019Red Balayage Highlights

Dark brown hair changed into a dark red hair color won’t look that amazing without the trendy balayage style. This is the first style that I would like to offer you to try in 2019. Balayage is mainly used for blonde and brown hair but it is amazing with red strands too. Just use the technique of balayage highlighting placing chunky red highlights on your long tresses.

Latest Hairstyles for Red Hair

Red hair is not a traditional and neutral style among us. We are always amused by the latest red hair color ideas. Many women rock red hair color but a few are familiar with the trendy haircuts that flatter this shade. If you have red hair, then check out these fancy hairstyles for red hair. They will open your eyes wider and will prompt that you have been wearing the wrong haircuts for your red hair so far. Take the best examples of models and celebrities who know how to deal with red hair.hairstyles-for-red-hair-2017Choppy Cuts for Red Hair

If you have decided to go for a short haircut to update your red hair, you’d better choose a choppy, textured and layered pixie cut according to your face shape. This is the boldest red hairstyle you’ll ever meet in the fashion industry. It screams attention and keeps all eyes on your powerful look. Keep your shade always vibrant, shiny and fresh not to lose the gained attention from your surroundings. Short red haircuts are the most glamorous styles to match with glossy red lips and smokey eye makeups.   

Dark Red Hair Colors for 2019: Celebrity Looks

Although natural redheads are not so many but there are celebrities who rock various shades of red to look like redheads. This tendency is growing every day and we meet many more examples of red hairstyles that inspire us to change up our shades. Check out these stunning dark red hair colors for 2019 taking examples form gorgeous redhead celebrities.  celebrity-dark-red-hair-colors-2017Bryce Dallas Howard’s Deep Red Hair Color

Bryce Dallas Howard rocks red hair for a long time. She chooses it for her long and short hairstyles as it’s one of the hottest hair colors that draw attention to her charming face. This deep red hair color compliments her rosy undertones and makes her green eyes pop out, that’s why she wears dark eye makeup to create a balance.

Aubergine Hair Color Ideas for 2019

If you are bored of the old-fashioned purple or red hair colors and want to experiment with a new hue then aubergine hair color for 2019 is waiting for you. What is fantastic about this hair color? It’s richer than any other purple shade, shinier than any other dark red and trendier than any other deep hair color. Being a combination of Marsala and plum hair colors aubergine is the next stunning shade for brunettes.aubergine-hair-colors-2019-copyAubergine Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

Aubergine is a fascinating hair color with violet spectrum of wine reds, which ideally go with dark hair and dark complexions. However many stylists think that aubergine is known for its versatility and suitability on almost all complexions. While it looks quite balanced with dark skin tones, it tends to bring out lighter complexions.

Red Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Women who are after an edgy and fiery red hair color to switch up their look should first discover the best red hair colors and skin tones. All you have to do is pulling off the shade of red that works well with your complexion and suits your eyes. It’s also important to pay attention to your natural hair color. So, today we’ll help you to unveil the world of red hair color palette and find the most flattering hue for your some hair colors are quite easy to pull off some others require carefulness and professionalism. Red is not a simple shade to play with. It has millions of dark and light tones, which compliment different skin tones. And while red hair looks amazing with all skin tones, you still need to find yours to look natural and fabulous.

New Red: Pumpkin Spice Hair Color for Fall

Leaving alone the fact that Halloween is coming we are admired by the latest red hair color trend called pumpkin spice hair color. Stylists think that it’s not enough to spray pumpkin spice perfume, use pumpkin spice shampoo or drink pumpkin spice latte. It’s the high time to pull off pumpkin shaded hair. Today we are offered hot and tender red hair colors with the pumpkin inspiration. Are you ready for it? So, pumpkin hair color is officially in thing and it’s going to win many red hues with its tenderness.pumpkin-spice-hair-colors-2019What is Pumpkin Spice Hair Color?

It’s actually the nest stylish and soft shade of copper with some auburn reflection in it. It tends to fall under the category of brunette due to its deep reddish undertones. They are not light and therefore stylists recommend to take pumpkin hair colors for brunette hair. If you feel as if your current dark locks need a huge change with a trendy red hair color then ask your hair colorist for a lovely shade of red. Nowadays food-inspired hair colors are the most requested shades from apricot hues to the deep plum shades. You can try pumpkin shade to refresh your naturally red hair.

Loveliest Runway and Red Carpet Redheads

From the darkest copper red to the lightest strawberry blonde there are trendy red hair colors for you to try this season. If you need some inspiration then I offer to check out this triumph of the loveliest runway and red carpet redheads who rock the best of red shades. Find your perfect red hair color and do your best to look like a true Hafstrom’s Chestnut Red Hair Color

Have you ever heard about the chestnut red hair color? Perhaps, no, because it’s a unique shade of red that belongs to Julia Hafstrom. This charming and original model inspires everyone with her reddish brown hair color, which brings out her pale skin tone. It’s her beauty weapon and makes her really unique. She looks fantastic even without makeup. You can consider this shade in case you have the flattering light skin tone and brown or light eyes.