Awesome Ombre Hair Colors 2019

Many hair shades come and go by the time but ombre hair colors stay trendy for 2019 too. They are the best styles for those who like two-tone hair colors but see for well-balanced effects. So, it’s obvious that dark brown, black and red roots become glamorous with lighter ends. Try a cute ombre hair color until it’s in style.

Awesome Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Blue shade is actually associated with peace, calmness and tenderness. It looks subtle on any hair color and hairstyle, that’s why professional hair colorists and stylists offer us awesome blue ombre hair color ideas. Apart from being interesting, these hair colors are also unique. They can highlight your taste, individual style and the original approach towards hair colors. Luckily blue works well with dark and light hair colors equally and allows us to tell that blue is for Blue Ombre Hair Color

Combine light grey roots with a light silver blue hair color and achieve a cool silver blue ombre shade. Grey hair colors are all the rage these days and they are worn on light shades. If you already hair light base tone then hurry up to enjoy this trend. In case you have dark locks you need to opt for deep bleaching to get the desired look. Silver shades harmoniously go with bluish tones and look better with light skin and light eyes especially blue eye hues. They can easily make dark eyes pop out.

Purple Ombre Hair Colors to Try in 2019

Purple is undoubtedly an astounding shade for hair. It is a big trend for the moment and becomes popular among celebrities. After monotone lavender and plum hair colors now we see trendy purple ombre hair colors for 2019. Combine two tones of purple or any other shade to achieve a unique and subtle ombre hair color on your medium or long hair. We will help you to get the best idea with these fabulous examples.purple-ombre-hair-colors-2019Platinum to Lavender Ombre Hair Color

If you think that purple ombre is supposed to be only in dark tones, then check out this delightful platinum to lavender ombre hair color. Doesn’t it make sense? It’s one of the subtlest ombre hair colors that you can meet in the fashion world. Sensationally light and sophisticated platinum hair becomes brighter with lavender tips. This is a lovely choice for light-haired girls who want to brighten up their hair color.

New Balayage Hair Color Ideas from Celebrities

While pastel, rainbow and neon hair colors may come and go by the time, balayage is a more “serious” hair color idea that will always be in trend. The secret why it is so popular is that it looks very natural and fresh. Anyone with brunette or blonde hair can pull off an astounding hairstyle with the help of one of these balayage hair color ideas from celebs. Have a look at them and pick a shade closer to your current hair color and complexion.balayage-hair-colors-2019JOJO’s Balayage Hair Color

JOJO’s professional stylist Gallagher tells that the chosen transition of shades from blonde to golden gives her hair a stunning and richer reflection. This hair color goes well with her warm skin tone and dark hair. Those dark roots compliment her slightly darker features and make her eyes pop out. She keeps her makeup tender and soft in order to draw attention to her lovely wavy hairstyle.

Gorgeous Ecaille Hair Colors

It’s the high time to discover a new hair coloring idea inspired by the traditional ombre shades. You know, every season stylists create new hair colors based on the ombre coloring technique and the latest style is the ecaille hair color. After reading this article, you will be familiar with a new hair color idea which looks so natural and beautiful on brunette and dark blonde hair. We will also explain the best technique on how to achieve ecaille hair color. So, keep on reading.ecaille-hair-colors-2019What is Ecaille Hair Color?

After the ombre and balayage now, we see a more natural hair trend which softness any base shade with its smooth caramel tones paired with golden highlights. Ecaille is a soft hair color trend that creates a slightly richer and bit darker version of your natural shade. This hair color created by the creative French hair colorists, tends to be dark not only at the roots but also at the tips keeping hair naturally darkened and sophisticated. It’s the tenderer version of our lovely ombre hair colors. It seems as if all the golden balayage highlights, caramel ombre tints and multidimensional bombshell combinations of natural hair colors are mixed in one style called ecaille.  

2019 Layage Hair Color Trend

Probably you are already familiar with the cool balayage and foliage hair color ideas. Now we have a new hair trend called layage hair color for 2019. Like balayage but better layage is considered as a more controlled and neater version of freehand painting and hair highlighting. Here you will learn the best way of aching layage hair color and will be inspired by the latest examples.layage hair colors 2019What is Layage Hair Color?

Also known as fluid hair painting layage is the modern balayage hair color idea which involves hand-painting color onto hair on a large  and chunky at flat surface or board, providing hair with a soft and natural-looking mixture of shades. It is a rich and fresh combination of several hues closer in their tones and reflections.

Flamboyage Hair Color Trend 2019

It seems as if the world of ombre hair colors is infinite. After so many experiments of sombre, balayage, foliage and layage now stylists offer the flamboyage hair color trend for 2019. Are you ready for this cool transformation? Then let’s go! The innovative flamboyage hair color idea represented by Italian hair colorist Angelo Seminara for Davines is a creative and random selection of hues painted by the popular balayage style. It provides hair with natural mixture of shades called spontaneous.flamboyage-meche-hair-colors-2019 The colorist sticks the adhesive side of each layer of hair and lifts up giving a more subtle dimension. It can easily enhance your natural shade by spontaneously mixing bright and saturated tones. The result is a super-rich hair color all over the hair length. The secret of this unique and interesting hair color is that it uses hair section by section reducing the regrowth effect.

Grey Ombre Hair Colors to Try in 2019

It seems as if hair colorist create new hair color trends every day. We are confused in the variety of styles that grab so much attention and make hair more original. One of them is the big grey ombre hair color trend for 2019. It’s currently blowing up on Instagram and tends to be on the first place of hair color trends. In spite of its contrasting and sometimes even bold effects grey ombre looks very soft, subtle and pretty on long hair. The best part about silver ombres is that they works well with all complexions and eye hues. It is incredible on wavy curly, straight and natural hairstyles. So, all you need to consider is the chosen tones and your current hair color.grey hair colors 2019Grey Ombre Hair Colors for Dark Hair

If you have naturally dark hair and have decided to achieve a gray ombre style we are here to tell you that it is a little easier to achieve the chosen effect. You need to bleach out the tips of your hair keeping the top part in its natural shade. The go for grey ombre highlights. The impression of a natural-looking and well balanced result is very important.

2019 Fancy Balayage Hair Colors

Sweep or paint technique used in hair coloring world is known with the name balayage. It is a timeless hair coloring idea with endless styles and combinations. This is the case when you can easily find your style and get a gorgeous result. Your favorite stars have already experimented with this style, what about you? Try out one of these balayage hair colors in 2019 and achieve a trendier look.balayage hair colors 2019 - CopyChrissy Teigen Balayage Hair Color

The playfully messy ombre balayage hair color worn on a wavy bob haircut suits Chrissy Teigen so much that it seems as if she’ll wear this hair color for a long time. This posh female has experimented with many styles but the somber and balayage are her latest favorite hair coloring techniques. She is in love with the dark brown to light brown and blondish effects of her hair.

Colombré Hair Color Trend for 2019

Welcome the new ombre hair color with a touch of rainbow. Here is the Colombré hair color trend for 2019 for women who are tired of the same ombre, sombre and balayage looks. We know how to amuse you with innovative hair color ideas. Colombré-the latest shade in the fashion industry is a combination of the creative rainbow sand art hair color and the popular ombre. It is ready to add a superb interest to your locks and make it flashier.Colombré hair colors 2019 Not being too dramatic colombré hair colors produce a prismatic effect. Whnether you like the crazy mixture of rainbow shades or just go for a monotone dramatic hair color this new trend is surely a wiser choice for you. Plus, it’s an ideal updating option if you already have ombre hair.

Hottest Black Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Black hair is striking and classy in its monotone shade but when you are tired of the same hair color you need a bit of change with the help of new hair highlights. Ombre is the latest trendy hair highlighting tenacious widely used in the fashion world. instead of changing your hair color into an entirely new shade you can just highlight it with the cool ombre method. Let me intrude the hottest black ombre hair color ideas for you to try this ombre hair colors 2019Contrasting Black To Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Being a contrasting combination of dark and light shades black to blonde ombre is a trendy hair color for 2019. This version of ombre hair color is usually worn by black women who prefer to bleach only the ends or the middle parts of their locks. Bleaching the roots is quite risky and damageable. So, avoid light ombre styles if you have naturally black hair. Just lighten up the tips with a flattering blonde hair color. The result is very eye-catching.