Hair Highlights for 2019

Simple touches like fresh hair highlights in 2019 will be your number one style statement. Opt for natural-looking highlights to enhance your base shade or go for vibrant hair highlights to grab attention with your bold hairstyle. Nowadays chunky highlights are out of style but there are amazing styles instead. Find out the loveliest versions for you.

Newest Multi-Tone Hair Highlights for Short Hair

Short haircuts always seek for subtle hair colors and cute solutions, which will make them more glamorous and feminine. If you have just gone for a bold short haircut and it seems somehow harsh then consider these new multi-tone hair highlights for short hair. Your bob or pixie haircut will become even nicer with the help of these trendy shades. Don’t be afraid of taking the first step from your comfort zone. Just try as many beautiful hairstyles and hair colors as you like.multi-tone-highlights-2017Short Dark Hair with Oil-Slick Highlights

Oil slick is the newest rainbow hair highlighting idea of dark hair. It has captured many hearts of brunets who have always dreamed of rainbow hair colors. These shiny tones of green, purple, yellow, orange and blue are waiting for your choice. Have you already decided which hues of rainbow you want to have on your short dark hair? Any short dark haircut makes women very hot and flashy, but it’s important to update this shade with trendy tones. So, pick oil-slick highlights.

Natural Looking Hair Highlights for 2019

There were times when women had limited options of coloring and highlighting their hair. Although there were a few options but they were all natural looking and sophisticated. Women were satisfied with the results, which actually tended to enhance their real beauty. As trends have the tendency to go and come by the time we are again offered natural looking hair highlights for 2019 by fashionable designers and stylists.natural-looking-hair-highlights-2019This time trend makers of the fashion have decided to bring back the subtle and cute natural shades and hair highlights. Why? Because everything looks well balanced when you avoid overdoing and keep up with tenderness. Models representing the biggest trends for 2019 appear with natural hair colors or natural looking highlights.

Unique Red Hair Colors with Highlights

Who says highlights are necessary only for blondes and brunettes. Sometimes even unique redheads think of hair color changes and new highlights to embrace their hair. Leaving alone the fact that hair looks gorgeous in monotone red hair colors, we are here to prove that modern hair coloring solutions allow us to make those red hair colors trendier with highlights.  Chose any of these red hair colors with highlights and liven up your tresses with a modern Hair with Golden Caramel Highlights

Light redheads or our lovely ginger-heads are welcome to feel the charm caramel highlights on their hair. These golden hued caramel tints have the sun-kissed effect in them, which adds extra-shine to naturally red hair colors. This champagne-y reflection is so dainty and beautiful on long curls, that it seems as if this is her natural hair color. Light golden caramel ideally goes with ginger red shades. It makes this hair color warmer and richer.

Fancy Highlights for Long Hair

When we compare long and short haircuts the first thing that we notice is that long hair is more feminine, second, it gives us more hair styling opportunities and third, it’s the best length for various hair highlights. That’s why we have decided to inspire you with fancy highlights for long hair. So, long-haired girls rejoice. We have something very exciting for Highlights for Long Dark Hair

Long dark hair usually looks dull and old-fashioned without trendy haircuts, hair colors or highlights. If you like your dark brown or black hair and want to enhance it with fancy highlights we offer the sweet and warm caramel shade. Choose its light and dark tones and highlight your hair with a shiny touch. You can use the balayage or ombre highlighting techniques to get a nicer and trendier hairstyle. Style your locks into loose waves for a better result.

Chrissy Teigen’s Awesome Hair Highlights for Fall

Lately we just run after Chrissy Teigen’s hairstyle and hair color makeover because she changes it up very frequently and each time offers us new styling and coloring ideas. She has spent the better part of the last weeks going for trendy haircuts and hair colors and today we are here to inspire you with Chrissy Teigen’s best hair highlights for fall.  chrissy-teigen-hair-highlights-for-fall-2019Chrissy Teigen’s Dark Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

Dark hair is her natural style but she likes to enhance it with fresher and shinier hues like golden brown highlights. Chrissy Teigen’s long curls sparkle with all their power thanks to these lovely golden brown highlights, which ideally go with her skin tone and make her eyes pop out. We love everything about her posh look, glossy hairstyle, dark eyes and deep red lips.

Caramel Highlights for Blonde and Brown Hair

While some stylists call caramel a sweet candy shade, others call it toffee or butterscotch or something similar.Caramel hair has the impression of thickness, fullness and richness. This means that women with long yet thin hair can use caramel highlights to enrich their natural hair color be it blonde or brown. It’s a perfect choice for most complexions as the sweet and warm caramel has both light and dark tones.  Create warmth and luxury in your hair with one of these lovely caramel highlights for blonde and brown hair.caramel highlights 2019Caramel Highlights for Blonde Hair

We seldom meet blonde-haired women with caramel highlights. But those who go this style get a unique and contrasting hair color combo which grabs attention. The warmth of caramel mingled with the lightness and coolness of blonde hair creates a mixture of light to warm hues which make any hairstyle fresher and trendier. Those who have blonde hair and look for a hair highlighting idea to match with their complexion as well as to warm up their current hair color may make their choice between the tender tones of caramel.

Hair Strobing: New Hair Color Idea for 2019

While many are interested in cool ways to contour their face stylists offer contouring ideas for hair. Of course, it’s not an easy task to achieve the perfect result but stylish women know the secrets and achieve the desired effect both on their face and hair. Trying to blend the dark and light shades requires professionalism and special skills. So, there is a new hair color trend for 2019: hair is Hair Strobing?

Hair strobing is a simple technique of highlighting hair with light tones with deliberate and flattering placement. The technique was first developed by Andrew Jose salon in London. Hair colorist Nalan Derby is the professional hairstylist of Andrew Jose salon who provides their clients with the perfect hair strobing styles lightening the hair around the eyes to create an individual style for each client. Nalan creates a wave of light which takes hair color to the next level and makes it pop beautifully giving locks a glossy highlighted touch to frame the face.

Fresh Hair Highlights from Hollywood Stars

The secret to posh hairstyles is sometimes hidden behind the hair colors and highlights we opt for. This is the first thing that Hollywood stars pay special attention. Check out this cool collection of best looks from celebrities with fresh hair highlights. Use them in 2019 for different highlights 2019Olivia Palermo Hair Highlights

Olivia is one of the biggest fans of hair highlights. She keeps her hair long and beautifies it with blonde, brown and balayage highlights. Her delightful hair always sparkles with honey and golden tints. We love her posh style and cute waves in trendy highlights. They flatter her complexion and display her luscious hair. With the help of golden and honey blonde hues, her eyes shine daintily.

Amazing Hair Highlights for Black Hair

Here represented hair highlights for black hair are going to become your favorite styles for the nearest future. All women with dark locks should consider these highlighting ideas, as they are the best and most flattering tints that make black hair richer and more interesting. Highlights in black tresses help to soften any harshness. Thus, if you have black hair then get ready for a bit of change.highlights for black hair 2019Caramel Highlights for Black Hair

Light brown to caramel highlights are the classiest options for black hair. They go well with most skin tones and look natural with brown eyes. Try to achieve such caramel highlights that would be closest to how the sun naturally lightens your hair. This hue is for women who love their natural black shade but seek for a little transformation too.

Awesome Hair Highlights for Any Hair Color

Adding highlights to monotone hair colors is the easiest way to take our hairstyle to the next level. This means that women who hardly find time for proper hair styling can choose this cool solution for any season and for any time. Make your choice between these hair highlights for any hair color in 2019. Spice up your look with a modern twist and never ever worry about your hairstyle. It’s going to be highlights 2019Blonde Highlights

Blonde hair colors are light in their reflections but once you place different tones together you realize how different blonde hues can look. There are dark and light tones of blonde which allow you to create a rich and multi-tone shade on your brown or natural blonde hair. Add slicing highlights all over your mane and enjoy the lightening art of blonde tones. It’s always preferable to wear blonde highlights in case you have the matching brown or blonde shade as well as skin tone and eye hue.