Hair Highlights for 2019

Simple touches like fresh hair highlights in 2019 will be your number one style statement. Opt for natural-looking highlights to enhance your base shade or go for vibrant hair highlights to grab attention with your bold hairstyle. Nowadays chunky highlights are out of style but there are amazing styles instead. Find out the loveliest versions for you.

Summer 2019 Hair Highlights

The hottest season is already in the air and it’s the best time to think of fresher and crazier hair styling ideas including hair highlights. Have a look at this string of summer 2019 hair highlights and consult with your hair colorist to choose a delightful option according to your base tone. You are going to get a totally new style for the new season. Are you ready for a cool transformation?Summer 2019 Hair HighlightsSun-Kissed Highlights with Dark Roots

Dark roots have become trendy once women started to opt for the ombre hair colors. Today they are combined with light hair colors to create thicker-looking hairstyles and hide the thinning roots. However some styling girls go for dark roots and sun-kissed highlights for the hot summer season. This trick is very charming. Monotone blonde hair immediately becomes gorgeous with sun-kissed highlights.

Subtle Babylights for Hair

Say goodbye to flashy and chunky hair highlights, foils, and balayage as the newest hair highlighting trend has already arrived. It’s the subtle babylights offered by professional designers, stylists and hair colorists. Today you are going to fall in love with the subtlest hair highlighting idea. Let’s discover it together and be inspired by the prettiest looks.  babylights-2019What is Babylights?

According to skillful hair colorist and stylist Howard, babylights is a process of that mainly involves micro focus on the painting procedure and is usually achieved by   with meche or plastic wrap. During the coloring or highlighting process the colorist is supposed to take the “weave” of hair and split it in half. Perhaps you have seen many balayage hairstyles around you. The effect is close to natural looks and the main aim of balayage highlights is to enhance your base shade. So, the same concept we have here but the difference is that balayage has a lot more root showing. Babylights allow you to add a shimmer of color throughout your hair. If you do it all over, you’ll get a more delicate and attractive result.

2019 Amazing Multi-Tonal Hair Highlights

Taking into account the fact that many multi-tone hair colors for 2019 are vibrant and flashy today we will discuss some of the most popular options. These amazing multi-tonal hair colors can give you the best ideas on how to style your locks with cute highlights.  The fresher your highlights the healthier your hair will look.2019 Amazing Multi-Tonal Hair HighlightsWarm Hair Highlights

Between the most fashionable warm hair highlights brown and caramelized shades have their special place. If you have brunette hair and want to warm it up use brown and caramel multi-tone highlights. Place them all over the hair from the top to the tips and focus on the face framing strands.

Brightest Hair Highlights

While thinking of new hair colors and highlights we mostly focus on natural-looking or common shades. But what about bright hair highlights? They can change your hairstyle like no any other hair color can do. The following styles of bright highlights are collected carefully special for all natural hair colors. Find yours and show us how unique you can be with an unusual hair color combination.brightest-hair-highlights-for-2019Bright Yellow Highlights

Yellow is one of the brightest shades in the hair color palette. It is an ideal choice for women with dark hair. Raven and jet black locks cane become incredibly eye-catching with yellow highlights. Of course, you can add it on lighter hair colors but the darker your base shade the flashier will be the result. 

Flattering Hair Highlights for Red Hair

We often speak about suitable highlights for blonde and brunette hair but there are flattering hair highlights for red hair too. Special for all my redheads, here are the most beautiful highlights. They are here to inspire you to liven up your strands in 2019. If you love your red hair you should think of modern touches for it. So, let’s start!red-hair-with-highlights-2019Red Balayage Highlights

Dark brown hair changed into a dark red hair color won’t look that amazing without the trendy balayage style. This is the first style that I would like to offer you to try in 2019. Balayage is mainly used for blonde and brown hair but it is amazing with red strands too. Just use the technique of balayage highlighting placing chunky red highlights on your long tresses.

Celebrity Inspired Hair Highlights

What makes us think of new hair colors or highlights? Perhaps all the stunning celebrities who keep up with trends and achieve cool hairstyles inspire us to go for new changes. Whether your hair is dark, bright or light you are welcome to experiment with celebrity inspired hair highlights to look fancy and gorgeous. Check out these fantastic solutions of hair highlights for different base hair colors and make the right choice for your current hairstyle and hair color. Also, pay attention to the hairstyles as they also play a great role in your look.celebrity-hair-highlights-2019Eva Longoria Caramel Highlights

Do you have dark brown hair like Eva Longoria? Look, how beautiful she looks in her shiny and sweet caramel highlights combined with a long wavy hairstyle. This is her signature style that highlights her seductive femininity. Caramel highlights look subtle and very trendy on dark brown hair. They are ideal especially for the face framing tresses and tips.

2019 Warm Highlights for Blonde Hair

Blonde has always given us the best canvas for multi-tone hair highlights. There are times when traditional versions of hair highlights are not enough for our complete unique look. Hair highlighting has not been as exciting as today. We see creative and innovative combinations of shades with our natural hair colors. Welcome warm highlights for blonde hair for 2019. Let’s warm up our light locks with fresh tones.warm-highlights-for-blonde-hairPink Highlights for Blonde Hair

The best futuristic hair highlights for blonde locks are pink shades. They are warm and eye-catching and therefore make you stand out in the crowd. Even the shortest haircut becomes fabulous with pink highlights. They can be placed on the front strands or bangs to draw attention. Women with layered or asymmetrical haircuts may experiment with fancier pink highlights.

Light Brown Hair Colors with Highlights 2019

Light brown hair means that you already have a trendy look. The next step is enhancing it with stunning highlights. With highlights any transformation of hair color is getting softer. If you are in a search of hair highlight for light brown hair for 2019 then keep on reading. This guide to the flattering highlights will help you find a good idea for your light brown hair.light-brown-hair-with-highlights-2019Light Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Cool-toned and light highlights like ash blonde compliment light brown hair colors. They ideally go with olive skin tones and bring a blondish touch to your hair. This is for women who don’t want to go for fully blonde hairstyles but still want to try a blondish effect. Ash blonde is something between smokey brown and light blonde tones, that’s why the result is awesome.

Funky Hair Highlights 2019

Edgy, bold and funky equally describe the same state of hair. With different layered, asymmetrical and sharp haircuts you won’t look as brave as with funky hair highlights in 2019. Whatever you try you’ll definitely need to emphasize your new style with vibrant shades and tints. We happy to announce, that 2019 is the year of the hottest hair color and hair highlighting experiments which make our hairstyles richer and trendier. Check out the boldest solutions for dark and light hair colors.funky-hair-highlights-2019Orange Hair Highlights

Both blonde and darker hair colors look nice with orange highlights. They warm up any shade making it eye-catching and unique. Orange highlights placed on jet black hair colors are one of the edgiest and hottest solutions. Of course, this shade looks subtler on light hair colors. You can sometimes combine orange highlights with reddish tones for a richer effect. Women with layered haircuts will get amazing results with orange highlights. You can place them on the most eye-catching parts of your hair to grab attention. Just make sure you want to warm up your current hair color and then take this step.

Dark Brown Hair with Fresh Highlights

Single-tone hairstyles are not always trendy and beautiful. While there are fancy hair highlighting ideas, you don’t need to stay in one shade especially when your hair is dark. Paying with hair colors has become a fun way of beautifying your hair. Just find a trustful and professional hair colorist and ask for flattering hair highlights for dark brown hair. If you can’t make the right decision then check out this helpful guide to the freshest and trendiest hair highlights for dark brown tresses.highlights-for-dark-hair-2017Red Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Dark copper and auburn highlights are trendy hair colors, but they can serve as hair highlights for dark brown locks. Every hair highlighting idea requires its rules. This tricks best works with hair tips. So, instead of overall highlighting you’d better add reddish hues at the tips of your hair creating a richer and fiery effect.