Hair Colors 2019

From the boldest to the most natural-looking trendy hair colors for 2019 there are modern and more beautiful hues to wear on hair. If you want to highlight your base shade with fancy tones then consider these fascinating styles. In order to get a brand new look you’d better dye your locks in a dramatic hair color idea.

Platinum Pink Hair Color for 2019

The new platinum hair is out there waiting for us. Platinum pink is officially the prettiest hair color for 2019. It’s the combination of platinum blonde and pink shades, which go well with each other very daintily and harmoniously. It has become a big trend especially thanks to Bella Hadid who has decided to pull off light and unique hair color. So, take into account the lavishing platinum pink hair color for 2019 as your ultimate metallic pastel shade.platinum-pink-hair-colors-2017Celebrities with Platinum Pink Hair

As we have already mentioned above Bella Hadid is one of the most inspiring models with platinum pink hair. But she is not the only celebrity that surprises us with her ravishing hair color makeover. Well, she is really incredible after her dark brunette mane. This is one of her best hair color experiments.

Runway Inspired Unique Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2019

An unforgettable and unique look is possible to create with a unique hair color idea in 2019. Since not all shades are trendy for 2019 today we have collected the most beautiful runway inspired hair shades that look very flashy, bright and original. They are for your dramatic transformations and edgy looks. Are you ready for the next festive season? Check out these attractive hues of green, purple, blue, yellow and pink. You will definitely love at least one of them.unique-hair-colors-2019Green Hair Color

Leaving alone the fancy turquoise hair color, we offer the true green shade for your long and sleek hair. This hair color has something special to do with your tresses. It is able to add a fresh touch and make any hairstyle look more eye-catching. It is paired with pinkish eyebrows, natural looking eye makeup, red lips and a cute hair clipper. If you have light skin tone, you can try a light green shade for your hair. Those who look for a more interesting solution can opt for the ombre technique with dark roots and lighter ends.

Perfect Ombre Hair Color Trends from Celebs for 2019

The perfect and natural-looking ombre hair colors are those that show off the dark roots the way as if you have left them to grow out naturally. However, they are colored in dark shades and the rest of hair is lightened up with another tone. Not everyone is able to achieve this effect on her hair but some celebrities give us the best inspiration of perfect ombre hair colors for 2019. It’s almost as if they reasonably grew out their roots to get this result, but the fact is that they have gone for ombre hair colors.ombre-hair-colors-2019Amber Heard Ombre Hair Color

Amber Heardhas dark hair color, tanned skin tone and green eyes. She is blessed with a unique complexion, which allows her to rock delightful hair color combos. One of her best experiments is the ombre hair color with golden highlights. Her warm brown shade becomes shinier and lovelier with the help of golden hue, which in its turn sparkles on the vintage side pulled waves. Besides, golden highlights compliment her green eyes creating a natural effect.

New Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2019

Each year we are provided with new hair color trends and the ones celebrities and models choose become the trendiest. Last year’s hair color trends were all about bold shades and vibrant hues. This time we will focus on the new hair color ideas for 2019. Some of the represented shades are absolutely new for many of you and will surely inspire for the coming colors for 2019Cinnamon Swirl Hair Color

Lately many designers and stylists offer hair color inspirations just from cookies and candy hues. Cinnamon swirl is one of the latest hair color ideas. It has the charming cinnamon hues and the delightful design of its swirls. You get a totally new hair color closer to balayage, somber or light blonde to brown combinations which look amazing on hair.

SS 2019 Hair Color Trends from Dolce Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is know for its super attractive, feminine and inspiring collections for any season. From all of the trendy hair colors that I have seen so far, Dolce Gabbana’s shades are the most romantic hair colors for 2019. They have reached the pick of the fashion with their feminine, unique, festive and tender looks. This is the most innovative solution for light, shiny and pastel hair colors. All the shades are highlighted with astounding braided updos and flower accessories. Let’s have a look at the most delightful Grey Hair Color

When we say granny hair we don’t meant this posh metallic grey hair color, as it belongs to another stunning category of gorgeous hair colors. This is not the traditional and popular grey shade. It’s a metallic and shiny hair color that looks very fresh with flowers and braids. When you have no inspiration for your hair you can always look for Dolce & Gabbana’s photos of models rocking grey hair colors. They will give you the prettiest ideas.

Tie Dye Hair Color Inspiration for 2019

Even if you avoid rainbow hair colors and don’t like that much brightness on your hair you will like the new tie dye hair color in 2019. This hair color idea has plenty of cool-girl appeal and grabs attention not only because it has bright tones but also it looks interesting in its highlighting effect. According to professional colorist Rickey Zito the classic rainbow hair color is now beautified with more delightful styles and creative effects. It has cool hair color method which interests many stylists.tie dye hair colors 2019How to Get Tie Dye Hair Color?

Offered by Hollywood-based hair colorist Tanya Ramirez, tie dye hair coloring style incorporates several shades of blue, turquoise, and pastel aqua, with a modern twist. First start with bleaching hair into a light blonde shade. This is not a simple hair highlighting technique, so be patient and careful. After bleaching, you can separate hair into 2-4 inch sections securing them at the base.

Sweetest Pink Hair Colors for 2019

Based on the tendency of wearing rose-hued hair we are here to inspire you with the sweetest pink hair colors for 2019. From Julianne Hough’s soft gun pink hair to Cara Delevingne’s dirty pink shade there are awesome pinkish hues for you to pick in 2019. Pink is the most feminine hue that makes you very girlish and capturing. So, say goodbye to your blonde, brown or red mane and welcome the subtle hair colors 2019Natasha Bedingfield Pastel Pink Hair Color

Bedingfield is considered as one of the most inspiring ladies with a straight bob hairstyle. She has matched it with a pale pastel pink hair color, which looks very beautiful with bright and shiny cherry red lips and peach inspired eye makeup. She is gorgeous in her short and cute pink bob hairstyle. The shade goes well with her complexion and makes her eyes pop out. The lovely combination of pale and a bit vibrant pink hair colors are harmoniously mixed in this hairstyle.

Split Hair Color Ideas

Is split your next hair color idea? Don’t know what it is? Let’s discover the best split hair color ideas special for you to know whether you want to give it a try or not. First, I would like to mention that this is not a common hair color for anyone. It’s a half-and-half hair coloring idea that provides you with a unique look. If you are ready for a huge transformation then unlock the secret to trendy split hair colors. Many ladies already prefer to pull of two subtle shades on their hair instead of one.split-hair-color-ideas-2017What is Split Hair Color?

As the name suggests split hair color involves dying hair on one side in one and the other side in another hair color. However, we are speaking about matching shades and not harsh and failed experiments that lead to ridiculous looks. In order to create the desired split hair color you should consult with a stylist. It requires special consideration when it comes to color choices. For example, when you want to dye your dark hair in a light shade you should first bleach it.

Shades of Black Hair Color for 2019

Although black is a dark hair color but has many shades which compliment different skin tones and eye hues. Since we have already spoken about black hair colors and matching skin tones today we will represent the best shades of black hair color for 2019. Black is the most sophisticated and elegant hair color for any hair type, length and cut. Black-haired women should always use hair color treatments to keep their mane shiny, strong, powerful and healthy. Fist make sure that your complexion and eye hue go well with black hues and make your choice between these hair colors 2019Natural Black Hair Color

Natural black hair looks very soft and tender. It is possible to get with natural henna dyes in case you don’t have naturally black tresses. It’s completely black and has no additional hues or tints. This shade best suits someone with pale or cool skin tone. It is shine-free and therefore goes well with light green or blue eyes too. Women with warmer or darker skin tones will look dull and old-fashioned in natural black hair colors.

Temporary Pastel Hair Colors

Have you ever dreamed of those stunning pastel blue, lilac, mint and pink hair colors? Don’t have enough brevity to take the risk of dying your locks in one of these hues? Never mind, because there is a coo solution for anyone who wants to color her hair temporarily in pastel hair colors. We have various hair products and tricks to use to get pastel highlights or a pastel rainbow trend on our tresses. If you have decided to color your hair in a subtle and unusual bright shade for a couple of days then use hair chalks.pastel-hair-colors-2017Pre-dying Stage and Your Base Shade

First, let’s decide whether your current hair color is suitable for pastel shades or not. If it’s light then you will have no problem with pastel hues. All pastel hair colors compliment blonde shades. If you have dark brown or brunette hair then there are several bright colors to match with it including purple, dirty pink and silver blue. Things are a bit complicated for redheads. Red hair may hardly carry pastel highlights. So, consult with your stylist before coloring.