Trendy Grey Hair Colors for 2019

What if the granny hair trend is taken to the next level? The newest grey hair colors for 2019 differ from the simple granny hair with their innovative touches. Silver, pastel blue and stone wash hair colors are the most amazing and glamorous combinations for this trend. Grey shades continue to be in thin because they complement all skin tones and hues and many women want to see how they could look on their own hair.

Newest Grey Hairstyles 2019

For years women used to cover their grey strands. Nowadays we see more interesting solutions of grey hairstyles for 2019. When you realize your first grey hair don’t hurry up to cover them with another shade. Just look at these stunning hairstyles and you’ll start loving grey hair. Anyone with the right chosen grey shade and hairstyle looks stylish and inspiring.grey-hair-colors-and-hairstyles-2019Gray Hair Color for Natural Curls

Cotton candy hairstyles are not only in pink and light pastel hair colors. You can make your hair very soft and cottony with the help of grey shade too. Just keep the roots in your dark shade if you have black skin and lighten the rest of the curls with a shiny silver tone. Enjoy your sophisticated and tender hairstyle and never go back to your black shade.

Celebrity Grey Hair Colors to Try in 2019

There are times when celebrities choose the trends that seem to be weird or unusual. They make those trends very popular and inspire stylish ladies. Grey hair color is probably the most unexpected yet popular hair color trend that has captured so many celebrity hearts. We are amused by the tendency of this cool style and keep up with the celebrities who choose it as their next shade. Here are inspiring grey hair colors for 2019 from celebs.celebrity-grey-hair-colors-2019Perrie Edwards Grey Hair Color

One of my favorite grey-haired celebrities who rocks it the best is Perrie Edwards. This stunner looks gorgeous and seductive even in granny hair. Imagine how beautiful she’ll be when her first greys visit her. We have seen her in classy voluminous grey updos, loose wavy and curly hairstyles as well as straight layered hairdos. All the chosen styles compliment her subtle grey hair color.

Best Hairstyles for Grey Hair 2019

The majority of women are shy because of their first grey strands and they do their best to cover them up with permanent hair dyes. However, the latest hair trends and designers’ approach towards hair styling tell that grey is a big hair color trend for 2019. It’s one of the best shades to match with a number of hairstyles and look more than just fashionable. In order to inspire you to be proud of your natural grey hair or reasonably go for a silver shade here we have collected the best grey hairstyles for 2019. After reading this article, you are going to love your grey hair. So, let’s start!grey-hairstyles-2019Two-Tone Grey Bob Hairstyle

Dark and light tones of grey compliment different skin tones and eyes. Women with light skin take light grey shades and darker skinned ladies go for deep silver hair colors. Here you see an awesome combo of the two shades of grey in one hairstyle. It’s not only creative but also seems to be professional for many black women who want to lighten their hair but still need balance. So, the dark hue balances everything between dark skin and light silver shade. It goes without saying that this sleek bob haircut “enjoys” the hair color choice of its owner.

New Silver Hair Color Ideas

Women and men are pulling their hair in a variety of grey shades to look as fashionable as possible. Resulting completely eye-catching looks many think of modern touch-ups and fancier solutions. If you are thinking of dying your tresses in a modern grey hair color, make sure to check out these new silver hair color ideas. Match the hues with your skin tone and undertones.grey-hair-colors-2019 Icy Silver Hair Color

Cool and icy silver hair colors are appealing and trendy especially for short haircuts, which need cute and soft updates. Even if you have naturally grey hair you can still opt for the icy silver hair color as a fresher and shinier shade. It will look better with fancy hairstyles and tender makeups.

Best Hair Color Ideas to Hide Grey Hair

Women start noticing their first grey strands after 30. Although grey hair is the biggest hair color trend for the moment but there are many women who prefer hiding their grays with other trendy hair colors. If you are one of them who doesn’t feel herself confident with grey hair and wants to make it nicer, here are the best hair color ideas for grey Golden Blonde Hair Color

Fair skinned women with warm undertones and naturally light hair can opt for the sophisticated light golden blonde hair color to hide their grey hue. Of course, it’s easier to deal with grays when you have naturally light and not dark hair. Golden blonde beautifully brings out warm undertones and creates a neutral, well balanced effect for you.

Best Grey Hair Colors for All Skin Tones

Whatever your skin tone grey is a natural human hair color, which means that you can dye your locks in a flattering shade of silver. Granny hair has replaced its place from runways to the streets and is now on thing for young women. All you need to pick the right shade for your hair is to consider your complexion. Consult with a stylist or keep on reading to discover the best grey hair colors for your skin tone. We will help you to find the shade of grey that best goes with your complexion.grey-hair-colors-and-skin-tones-2019Grey Hair Color for Light Skin Tones

If you have light skin tone and want to pull off a nice grey hair color you should go for a creamy or yellowish shade of grey not to look washed out. On the other hand too much gold is not so suitable for light skin. So, choose the golden mean between all the grey hair colors to flatter with your pale skin tone. So, opt for a paler yellow grey hair color for light skin tones.

Grey Ombre Hair Colors to Try in 2019

It seems as if hair colorist create new hair color trends every day. We are confused in the variety of styles that grab so much attention and make hair more original. One of them is the big grey ombre hair color trend for 2019. It’s currently blowing up on Instagram and tends to be on the first place of hair color trends. In spite of its contrasting and sometimes even bold effects grey ombre looks very soft, subtle and pretty on long hair. The best part about silver ombres is that they works well with all complexions and eye hues. It is incredible on wavy curly, straight and natural hairstyles. So, all you need to consider is the chosen tones and your current hair color.grey hair colors 2019Grey Ombre Hair Colors for Dark Hair

If you have naturally dark hair and have decided to achieve a gray ombre style we are here to tell you that it is a little easier to achieve the chosen effect. You need to bleach out the tips of your hair keeping the top part in its natural shade. The go for grey ombre highlights. The impression of a natural-looking and well balanced result is very important.

Deep Grey Hair Colors

When you notice your first gray strands you start thinking of a dark hair color that can cover all your grays and keep you look youthful. However, grey is a trendy hair color with all its light and dark tones. Special for those who like to cover up whitish grey strands there is the deep and dark gray hair color that looks quite fresh and beautiful. It’s a dainty silver tone that compliments dark hair colors and tends to hide any flaws on light locks. If you ever decide to go for a dark grey hair color make your choice between these cool shades. You can even create stunning ombre looks by light and dark gray shades.dark grey hair colors 2019Deep Grey Hair Color and Dark Skin Tones

It’s quite obvious that dark hair colors look better and natural with dark skin tones. If you have such then try a new shade of grey to enhance your beautiful dark skin as well as to change your current brunette hair color, because many woken with dark skin tones also have dark hair colors. Dark skinned celebrities such as Rihanna, Jourdan Dunn, Ciara and Dascha Polanco have already experimented with this fresh hair color. Start 2019 with dark grey hair.

5 Best Sandy-Smokey Ash Hair Colors

Many hair colors can have their ash-y, sandy or smokey version. Compared with hot and shiny hair colors they look faded and very natural. today the luxurious world of fashion is flooded by smokey and ash-y makeup tips, outfits and accessories which give hair colorists new ideas on how to get matching shades of hair.  Among latest hair color trends, we often meet sandy-smokey ash hair colors, which make females so subtle and sophisticated. Below you can find the best smokey black, sandy ash blonde, ash brown, sandy pastel and smokey gray hair colors and make the right choice for you in 2019.ash hair colors 2019Sandy Ash Blonde Hair Color

Blonde has millions of hues but it’s only the sandy ash blonde that looks so rich and delightful in its hair color combination. Many Hollywood actresses pull off the ash blonde hair color to look like real blondes. It’s a mixture of light and matte milky hues and shiny platinum and silver hair colors, which steal attention due to their tenderness. For those who want to go for a subtle ash blonde hair color, you need to bleach your hair out first. It’s necessary to bring hair to a possible lightness in order to get the ash-y tone.

Famous Women in Grey Hair Colors

Famous women who have gone for grey hair for purpose made granny hair a big trend. Nowadays we are not surprised by the posh street looks with silver hair. Although young women with grey hair stand out in the crowd but this shade is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It doesn’t ask hair color, skin tone or eye hue. Every tone of silver finds its owners and fancy queens. Let’s see some of the best grey hair colors from famous women.silver hair colors 2019Dascha Polanco Grey Hair Color

Dascha Polanco is the first celebrity on our list rocking grey hair. She has chosen a cute combination of pastel lilac and ash-y grey shades, which provide her with a super subtle look. This gray-to-lilac ombré has made a statement in the fashion world and is copied by many of her fans. According to Polanco she asked her hairstylist for another hair color but the result is this. However, it looks pretty too.