Shiny Gold Hair Color Trends 2019

Glossy and gold hair colors 2019 are the most eye-catching options after rainbow combinations and glitter roots. We see golden leaf hair color trends worn on different shades but subtler versions are the traditional golden blonde, rose gold, golden copper and golden brown hair colors. Whether you are a brunette, blonde or redhead, you’ll discover the most flattering golden hue for your hair in 2019.

Amazing Gold Leaf Hair Colors in Fashion

After the silver and gold temporary hair tattoos designers decided that this can become a cool hair color inspiration for many of us. Today we see the amazing gold leaf hair colors in the fashion world with a posh and modern twist. It’s created special for those who consider hair tattoos simpler and seek for a more attractive option of golden effect on hair. It allows you to add an incredible shine and gloss on your light or dark locks instead of spreading the old-fashioned The gold leaf hair color trend has become so popular and trendy due to the latest fashion weeks during which models were rocking festive and glam outfits with sparkling gold hairstyles and makeups. The first representation of gold-leaf hair was at the Dries van Noten. Use this trick to  show off your holiday cheer with the help of gold leaf hair color ideas.

Gorgeous Gold Hair Color Ideas

Do you like sparkling g and glossy hairstyles? The secret is hidden behind the chosen hair color. The fresher your golden hair color the shinier your hairstyles will look. There are a few golden hues that make the hair color palette sparkle so beautifully. Let’s be admired by the most attractive gold shades together tight here and right hair colors 2019Golden Blonde Hair Color

The glossiest of all hair colors is the golden blonde shade. It is a warm sun-kissed hair color special for those who want to warm up their current hue and get a sunny touch for their entire look. Golden blonde hair colors are very shiny and they require special care by the means of regular touch ups. So, keep your golden blonde shade as shiny as possible using a color protective shampoo and conditioner.

Subtle Rose Gold Hair Colors

What do you know about the versatility of hair colors? Classic blonde, brunette red or even ombre shades are not enough to tell that you are familiar with the trendy hues. Today there are so many hues and tones of the same hair color that you even get confused in the huge variety of options. Things are much more complicated when it comes to hair color mixtures and combinations like the rose gold hair color. Let’s discover this new and subtle shade for 2019.rose gold hair color ideas 2019What is Rose Gold Hair Color?

It’s better to realize what the rose gold hair color is first and then go ahead with its possible tones and hues. So, rose gold is the pink-y metallic shade of rose that has golden tints and shine. It is the favorite hue of many celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Elle Fanning. Today many wear the light metallic rose hair color and highlight it with sun-kissed golden shades. Without being too pink and vibrant rose gold provides you with a tender hair color and keeps all eyes on your super feminine look.

Warm Gold Hair Color Ideas

They are rich and sunny and who doesn’t like to have it on her hair? We are back with warm gold hair colors and the best part about this article is going to be your inspiration. We are happy to tell you that the hair color palette is again enriched with golden tints, which go well with various skin tones and eye hues. The most fascinating thing about these warm golden tones is that they bring a light an sun-kissed touch both to light and dark hair colors. Your hair gets a lot of shine and sparkles with all its power. What else you need to spice up your look? warm-gold-hair-colors-for-2019 Warm gold is tender but definitely visible, this the main reason why celebrities with light brown or faded blonde hair color choose the golden tint. Compared with common golden hair colors which have a yellowish effect in them warm gold is richer and glossier. Many prefer to go super light for the summer, therefore stylists provide with a little richer and a little darker shade allowing those highlights to hibernate during the winter.

Hottest Ombre Hair Colors for 2019

There are such hair coloring ideas and techniques that seem to be breathtaking because of the provided results and looks. Those hair coloring methods are meant to highlight the beauty of your hair and to take your hairstyle to the next level. So, the trendy ombre hair colors for 2019 are one of the most amazing hair coloring styles at the moment. They come up in a variety of styles and hues and allow you to get the dreamed hairstyle. Even bed head hair looks delightful in ombre shades.ombre hair colors 2019Dark Ombre Hair Color

Some prefer light and some go for dark ombre styles according to their base hair color. If you have dark brown or black hair color and want to spice it up with a modern twist, you’d better consider the lovely dark ombre shades. They are generally strong and rich combinations of dark roots with caramel highlights. Using the popular technique of ombre coloring, you keep the roots in their base shade and lighten up only the tips with a shiny caramel tint.