Latest Celebrity Hair Colors 2019

All the interesting and inspiring celebrity hair color ideas for 2019 have founded their special place here. From now on you’ll be inspired not only by common hair color ideas but also by the latest celebrity experiments and modern styles. It’s not a secret that many Hollywood stars use various hair colors to stand out with their radical changes and fascinating styles.

Hollywood’s Best Blonde-Haired Celebrities

Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors in Hollywood. Although the majority of stars have brunette locks but many go for trendy blonde hair colors. Here are the best blonde hair colors from celebs special for women who look for celebrity hair color inspirations. Check out the most amazing shades of blonde from platinum to strawberry.celebrity-blonde-hair-colors-2019Blake Lively Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

If strawberry blonde then Blake Lively’s style. Blake is one of the most favorite blondes in Hollywood who inspires many light-skinned women with her warm blonde hair colors. The hint of red or gold is always included on her hair color palette and she is one of the stars who likes reddish blonde hair colors. Strawberry blonde ideally goes with her complexion and eyes creating a warmer, golden and sun-kissed elegance for her hair.

Loveliest Runway and Red Carpet Redheads

From the darkest copper red to the lightest strawberry blonde there are trendy red hair colors for you to try this season. If you need some inspiration then I offer to check out this triumph of the loveliest runway and red carpet redheads who rock the best of red shades. Find your perfect red hair color and do your best to look like a true Hafstrom’s Chestnut Red Hair Color

Have you ever heard about the chestnut red hair color? Perhaps, no, because it’s a unique shade of red that belongs to Julia Hafstrom. This charming and original model inspires everyone with her reddish brown hair color, which brings out her pale skin tone. It’s her beauty weapon and makes her really unique. She looks fantastic even without makeup. You can consider this shade in case you have the flattering light skin tone and brown or light eyes.

5 Celebrity Crazy Hair Color Ideas

Anyone with cool creativity and interest towards unique stylish looks appreciates the art of crazy hair colors when everything is done harmoniously and daintily. In spite of the fact that the majority of celebrities tend to grab attention thanks to their dramatic hair color experiments, many just fail. However, there are some who create inspiring styles, which soon become trends. Here re 5 celebrity crazy hair color ideas.celebrity-hair-colors-2019Nicole Richie’s Lavender Hair Color

Having dark skin tone she still knows how to pull off light and even pastel hair colors. Nicole Richie is a big fan of multi-tone and unusual hair colors and we often see her in different vibrant hues from light silver to sparkling pink. One of her best hair color ideas, however, is the ravishing lavender worn on short bob haircut. It is kept dark at the roots for the best balance and is styled into a wavy style as a girlish touch.

January Jones’s Many Hair Colors

Following January Jones’s style we can say that this delightful lady can’t stop changing hair colors from blonde to red and from red to pink. It seems as if she finds her new style in another trendy shade that changes her entire look. They say a new hair color is able to influence on the wearer’s mood, character and even lifestyle. Let’s discover January Jones’s best hair color ideas and decide which shade best goes with her complexion and light eye hue.january-jones-hair-colors-2019January Jones’s Golden Blonde Hair Color

We can’t count all the blonde shades that Jones has worn so far, but one thing is obvious: she is not a big fan of dark hair. She usually rocks light blonde or red hair colors or even pastel trends to create super feminine and attractive looks. We love everything about her blonde hair color choices. She does it so carefully that no one thinks that it’s not her natural hair color. Well, here you see her golden blonde hairstyle. It’s glossy and so sunny especially under the rays of the sun.

Blonde Hair Colors for Brunettes from Kardashian Sisters

Today the tendency of wearing blonde shade on dark hair is becoming more and popular. Why? Because celebrities such as dark-haired Kardashian sisters prove that any brunette can become a blonde-haired beauty with the right chosen tone. If you have decided to transform into a blonde from a brunette then this article is for you. Keep on reading and unlock the world of the hottest blonde hair colors for brunettes. We will help you to find your hue of blonde.kardashian-blonde-hair-colors-2019Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Hair Color

This is not the first time that Kim goes for blonde. She has dyed her hair in honey and dirty blonde hair colors before the light and smashing platinum blonde. While many think that platinum blonde is a perfect shade for natural blondes and light-skinned women, Kim dyes her medium and then long hair in this shiny blonde tone. It brings out her warm skin tone and makes her dark eyes pop out. Perhaps one of the trendiest and loveliest shades of blonde for her lob haircut is the represented platinum blonde. It flatters her very much and highlights her seducing femininity.

Cheryl’s Hair Color Makeover for Brunettes

If you are a tanned skinned and dark-haired woman you shouldn’t miss this article, as it’s your ultimate hair color inspiration. Anyone who has ever followed  Cheryl’s style has noticed how many hair color experiments she has done during her career and how rich hair color makeover she has. Here is Cheryl’s hair color makeover for brunettes who seek for a new transformation. Try one of these hair colors to liven up your brunette tresses.cheryls-hair-colors-for-brunettes-2019Cheryl’s Dark Brown Hair Color

Her natural hair color is dark brown. it flatters her very much but there are other shades that compliment her skin tone and makes her sparkle so beautifully. Dark brown looks neutral and well balanced with her tanned skin and dark eyes. Whatever the rest of her shades, dark brown is always there for our delightful Cheryl.

New Balayage Hair Color Ideas from Celebrities

While pastel, rainbow and neon hair colors may come and go by the time, balayage is a more “serious” hair color idea that will always be in trend. The secret why it is so popular is that it looks very natural and fresh. Anyone with brunette or blonde hair can pull off an astounding hairstyle with the help of one of these balayage hair color ideas from celebs. Have a look at them and pick a shade closer to your current hair color and complexion.balayage-hair-colors-2019JOJO’s Balayage Hair Color

JOJO’s professional stylist Gallagher tells that the chosen transition of shades from blonde to golden gives her hair a stunning and richer reflection. This hair color goes well with her warm skin tone and dark hair. Those dark roots compliment her slightly darker features and make her eyes pop out. She keeps her makeup tender and soft in order to draw attention to her lovely wavy hairstyle.

Chrissy Teigen’s Awesome Hair Highlights for Fall

Lately we just run after Chrissy Teigen’s hairstyle and hair color makeover because she changes it up very frequently and each time offers us new styling and coloring ideas. She has spent the better part of the last weeks going for trendy haircuts and hair colors and today we are here to inspire you with Chrissy Teigen’s best hair highlights for fall.  chrissy-teigen-hair-highlights-for-fall-2019Chrissy Teigen’s Dark Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

Dark hair is her natural style but she likes to enhance it with fresher and shinier hues like golden brown highlights. Chrissy Teigen’s long curls sparkle with all their power thanks to these lovely golden brown highlights, which ideally go with her skin tone and make her eyes pop out. We love everything about her posh look, glossy hairstyle, dark eyes and deep red lips.

Celebrities with Ash Blonde Hair Colors

Ash blonde is not as popular as golden, platinum and flaxen but it will soon become a trend if celebrities continue to steal it from one another. These pictures of celebrities with ash blonde hair colors will prove the fact that dominant shades of blondes are becoming less glossy and shiny. Instead, they get a natural and neutral touch with ash-y tones. Hayden Panettiere, Julianne Hough, Emma Stone, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and others prefer this hair color as it has light and dark tones, which beautifully work with their skin tones and eye hues.celebrity-ash-blonde-hair-colors-2019Carrie Underwood Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

A lot of people are confused about the true ash blonde hair colors. It’s just a neutral blonde hair color with less yellowish hints and tones as well as with less shine in it. Carrie Underwood’s light ash blonde is a cool and inspiring hair color for women who have medium skin and want to lighten it up. Of course each gets a unique shade of ash on her hair but the result is always satisfying and beautiful if you pick the right tone for your skin.

Best Rainbow Hair Color Ideas from Celebs

Rainbow hair is surely the top of creativity that stylists prove they have. This crazy, bright and chic hair coloring idea is no more a news of us but since it’s evolved day by day we have decided to create a cool guide for you to the best rainbow hair colors from celebs. Check out these brave looks and copy the most inspiring one in 2019.   rainbow hair colors celebrities 2019Katy Perry Rainbow Hair Color

Thousands of time Katy Perry has gone for rainbow hair experimenting both with highlights and lowlights as well as with light and dark hues. She has created awesome rainbow hues on her dark mane and has gone for a light pastel rainbow style. She is a real trendsetter and a source of inspiration for many teenagers and stylish ladies. She creates awesome hairstyles on her long and short rainbow-colored hair. Here we see her in a cute wavy bob with pastel rainbow hues.