Latest Celebrity Hair Colors 2019

All the interesting and inspiring celebrity hair color ideas for 2019 have founded their special place here. From now on you’ll be inspired not only by common hair color ideas but also by the latest celebrity experiments and modern styles. It’s not a secret that many Hollywood stars use various hair colors to stand out with their radical changes and fascinating styles.

Hollywood Stars with Trendy Brown Hair Colors 2019

Seeking for a brown hair color inspo? Here are the hottest Hollywood stars in trendy brown hair colors for 2019.  Find out more about the most mysterious brunette shades with the help of our lovely celebrities. Besides hair color ideas you’ll also get useful tips about skin tone and brown hair matching. No matter your complexion, you can always rock a natural-looking brown shade if you choose the right tone.Hollywood Stars with Trendy Brown Hair Colors 2019Joan Smalls Brown Ombre Hair Color

We mostly see Joan Smalls in monotone brunette or highlighted brown hairstyles. This time she has decided to rock a long brunette ombre hairstyle to inspire many black women. Her choice is so subtle and natural-looking that anyone with dark brown hair can consider it as a big hair color trend. Just lighten up the tips into a reddish brown, light brown or caramel tone.

Amber Heard’s Hair Color Makeover

Every time Amber Heard pulls off a new hair color she does her best to look more gorgeous and delightful. Her succeeded experiments soon become big trends after she appears on the screens and on the red carpet. This actress likes to play with elegant hair colors and hairstyles some of which are represented below. Check out Amber Heard’s hair color makeover to steal her style.amber-heards-hair-color-makeover-2019Amber Heard Sombre Hair Color

Amber Heard is a big fan of multi-tone hair colors. She likes to combine light and dark shades of the same family and always gets fancy combinations. Since both blonde and brunette shades go well with her complexion she easily wears sombre hair colors with dark and light hair color goes without saying that she carefully matches those hair colors with the best hairstyles.

Bold Hair Color Ideas from Celebs

From two-tone hair colors to the craziest bold hair color ideas from celebs here are your favorite shades that you have always dreamed to pull off like your natural hair color. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Nicole Richie, Demi Lovato and Lily Allen are going to inspire you to dye your locks in vibrant hair colors and get a dramatic change.bold-hair-color-ideas-from-celebs-2019Kylie Jenner Dark Green Hair Color

Is there a hair color that Kylie hasn’t tried yet? If there is, then we’ll won’t wait long to see her in that particular shade too. She is one of the youngest celebrities who inspire teenagers with their crazy hair color ideas. Dark green is perhaps her most original hair color. This unique shade goes well with her dark hair and tanned complexion creating a festive Christmas style. We have seen her in other green hair colors, but this very tone is more vibrant and original. It differs from the rest of her green hair colors.

Pretty Celebrity Hair Color Ideas

Welcome the ultimate hair color ideas from celebrities. These are the most amazing shades that you’ll meet in 2019. Copy the shades that seem to be perfect for your complexion and base hair color. The quickest way to take your look to the next level is dying your hair in a new hair color. You don’t always have to go bold to grab attention. Subtle shades can also draw attention to your appearance.Pretty Celebrity Hair Color IdeasLady Mary Charteris Blonde-Pink Hair Color

The combination of blonde hair with pink highlights is always well-balanced. Lady Mary Charteris is a big fan of pink hair colors and this is not the only time she has gone for this cute change. Her blonde hair with pink tips is eye-grabbing and interesting. If you have naturally blonde hair and want to add it a kind of interest then this mixture can be a good idea.

Rihanna’s Hottest Hair Colors for 2019

We often refer to the best celebrity looks, hairstyles and hair colors. Today the turn is for Rihanna’s hottest hair colors for 2019. It’s a great opportunity for you to discover Rihanna’s most beautiful and requested hair colors and pick up a shade for your dark complexion. This stunners knows how rock blonde, brown, black and red hair colors like a pro. Copy her bets looks in 2019 and stand out with your delightful hair color choices.Rihanna’s Hottest Hair Colors for 2019Rihanna Black Hair Color

Black is her natural hair color and it’s always sophisticated with her hairstyle ideas. She has gone for many trendy black hairstyles, but we have chosen this sleek bob haircut to inspire our black beauties. A short sleek black haircut is fresher than long and layered hairstyles. So, wear a short black bob with or without bangs. Bob is a big hair trend for 2019 and black is the perfect shade to match with it.

Celebrity Inspired Hair Highlights

What makes us think of new hair colors or highlights? Perhaps all the stunning celebrities who keep up with trends and achieve cool hairstyles inspire us to go for new changes. Whether your hair is dark, bright or light you are welcome to experiment with celebrity inspired hair highlights to look fancy and gorgeous. Check out these fantastic solutions of hair highlights for different base hair colors and make the right choice for your current hairstyle and hair color. Also, pay attention to the hairstyles as they also play a great role in your look.celebrity-hair-highlights-2019Eva Longoria Caramel Highlights

Do you have dark brown hair like Eva Longoria? Look, how beautiful she looks in her shiny and sweet caramel highlights combined with a long wavy hairstyle. This is her signature style that highlights her seductive femininity. Caramel highlights look subtle and very trendy on dark brown hair. They are ideal especially for the face framing tresses and tips.

Popular Celebrity Hair Color Ideas

A new season is already here and all we need is a new hair color inspiration. These 5 popular hair color ideas from celebs will help you to update your look and get a fancier appearance. If you are tired of your current hair color, then say goodbye to it and welcome one of these cool shades. Something brighter, fresher or shinier has always been desired and loved. So, let’s start!hair-colors-for-2019Irene Kim Unicorn Hair Color

Multi-tone or the so-called unicorn hair colors are very popular these days. They have become common due to some brave celebrities such as Irene Kim. She rocks a fresh, bright and stunning unicorn hair color with the combination of dark roots, peachy middle part and pinkish to blue tips. This gradual change or shades has nothing in common but it looks very interesting and balanced. Everyone can create her own unicorn hairstyle with her favorite hues.

Dark Red Hair Colors for 2019: Celebrity Looks

Although natural redheads are not so many but there are celebrities who rock various shades of red to look like redheads. This tendency is growing every day and we meet many more examples of red hairstyles that inspire us to change up our shades. Check out these stunning dark red hair colors for 2019 taking examples form gorgeous redhead celebrities.  celebrity-dark-red-hair-colors-2017Bryce Dallas Howard’s Deep Red Hair Color

Bryce Dallas Howard rocks red hair for a long time. She chooses it for her long and short hairstyles as it’s one of the hottest hair colors that draw attention to her charming face. This deep red hair color compliments her rosy undertones and makes her green eyes pop out, that’s why she wears dark eye makeup to create a balance.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Hair Color Makeover

Everyone who has ever followed Jennifer Lawrence’s style has probably noticed how wisely she makes her hairstyle and hair color choices. She never fails and therefore comes up with a variety of cool looks and inspiring styles. Today we’ll represent Jennifer Lawrence’s hair color makeover special for those who like to play with contrasting hair colors. Here are Jennifer Lawrence’s best hair color ideas.jennifer-lawrence-hair-colors-2019Jennifer Lawrence Dark Brown Hair Color

Remember her brunette locks? A few of you may remember Jennifer Lawrence’s dark brown hair color in a long sleek hairstyle. It’s one of the edgiest shades that she rocks with her medium complexion. This hair color is in thing these days and seems to be an ideal choice for long-haired classic women who prefer straight hairstyles. Jennifer Lawrence rocks it like a real brunette. Dark brown warms up her complexion and makes her eyes pop out.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Best Hair Colors

If you are wondering whether there are hair colors that match almost all complexions then follow Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s best hair colors. She knows which shades look natural and go well with her medium skin tone. She always opts for the shades that enhance her natural beauty. Have a look at these hues of blonde and brown and go for a new hair color in 2019.rosie-huntington-whiteley-hair-colors-2019Rosie Huntington’s Balayage Hair Color

What captures our hearts in Rosie Huntington’s look is her hair and seductive facial expression. This stunner rocks trendy hair colors like the popular balayage. The free-hand hair coloring technique where gentle dye is painted on through the ends has become one of her favorite styles. Avoid too much bleach if you want to get this amazing result. Opt for light and dark hair color combos.