Brown Hair Colors for 2019

The latest brown hair colors for 2019 are as versatile as the rest of blonde and red shades. They are attractive both in their monotone hues and highlighted styles. We fall in love with many brown balayage, ombre and sombre hair colors, which make dark shades lighter and glossier. The variety of brown tones gives us the chance to find out our shade.

2019 Brunette Hair Color Trends for All Skin Tones

While blonde shades require special skin tones brunette hair colors go well with most complexions. All you need is the right tone of brunette according to your skin tone. Here are the best brunette hair colors for all skin tones 2019. This time we’ll focus on the most astonishing shades of brown to inspire you.brunette hair colors 2019Brunette Hair Color for Fair Skin

Dark brunette hair colors create cool contrasts with fair skin tones and light undertones. If you are looking for a matching shade of brown to bring out your light skin then there is the sophisticated chocolate brown to take into account. Brunette hair colors look awesome with flawless light skin. This is the best state to experiment with warm brown hues in their darkest tones. You can even opt for warm chestnut brown shades if you want to warm up your fair complexion.

Hollywood Stars with Trendy Brown Hair Colors 2019

Seeking for a brown hair color inspo? Here are the hottest Hollywood stars in trendy brown hair colors for 2019.  Find out more about the most mysterious brunette shades with the help of our lovely celebrities. Besides hair color ideas you’ll also get useful tips about skin tone and brown hair matching. No matter your complexion, you can always rock a natural-looking brown shade if you choose the right tone.Hollywood Stars with Trendy Brown Hair Colors 2019Joan Smalls Brown Ombre Hair Color

We mostly see Joan Smalls in monotone brunette or highlighted brown hairstyles. This time she has decided to rock a long brunette ombre hairstyle to inspire many black women. Her choice is so subtle and natural-looking that anyone with dark brown hair can consider it as a big hair color trend. Just lighten up the tips into a reddish brown, light brown or caramel tone.

Hottest Ombre Hair Colors for Brown Hair

Be it light or dark brown is a hot hair color for different ombre effects. While blonde hair seldom gives us the perfect state for ombre hair colors, brown tresses provide the best state for this awesome and trendy hair color. Check out the hottest ombre hair colors for brown hair and spice up your monochrome shade with multi-tonal and fabulous hues.ombre hair colors 2019Dark Brown Ombre Hair Color

Dark brown roots are usually your natural shades, which you can combine with lighter tips and get a lovely ombre hair color. Take examples from celebs who rock naturally dark hair and match it with ombre shades. They lighten up the tips with blonde or caramel shades and get a harmonious combo. This style compliments most complexions and eye hues. It’s a great way to switch up your look and style.

Hazelnut Hair Colors for 2019

Very often people confuse chestnut and hazelnut hair colors. However, there is some difference between these two shades. The main difference is that hazelnut is a tad cooler than chestnut. It’s lighter and has no mahogany or reddish brown undertones. Thanks to their warmth hazelnut hair colors are similar to mocha shades. Since it’s a versatile and natural hair color it suits many complexions and eye shades. Check out the best hazelnut hair colors for 2019.hazelnut hair color 2019Hazelnut Hair Color and Your Complexion

The most suitable complexions for hazelnut hair colors are light skin tones with yellowish, golden or pinkish undertones, medium skin tones with neutral undertones and dark skin tones with golden undertones. Depending on your skin tone your hazelnut hair color can be either light or dark. Since it’s one of the softest brown hair colors, it compliments brown eyes but can look awesome with lighter eye hues too. The perfect eye hue for hazelnut hair is hazel.

Light Brown Hair Colors with Highlights 2019

Light brown hair means that you already have a trendy look. The next step is enhancing it with stunning highlights. With highlights any transformation of hair color is getting softer. If you are in a search of hair highlight for light brown hair for 2019 then keep on reading. This guide to the flattering highlights will help you find a good idea for your light brown hair.light-brown-hair-with-highlights-2019Light Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Cool-toned and light highlights like ash blonde compliment light brown hair colors. They ideally go with olive skin tones and bring a blondish touch to your hair. This is for women who don’t want to go for fully blonde hairstyles but still want to try a blondish effect. Ash blonde is something between smokey brown and light blonde tones, that’s why the result is awesome.

Dark Brown Hair with Fresh Highlights

Single-tone hairstyles are not always trendy and beautiful. While there are fancy hair highlighting ideas, you don’t need to stay in one shade especially when your hair is dark. Paying with hair colors has become a fun way of beautifying your hair. Just find a trustful and professional hair colorist and ask for flattering hair highlights for dark brown hair. If you can’t make the right decision then check out this helpful guide to the freshest and trendiest hair highlights for dark brown tresses.highlights-for-dark-hair-2017Red Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Dark copper and auburn highlights are trendy hair colors, but they can serve as hair highlights for dark brown locks. Every hair highlighting idea requires its rules. This tricks best works with hair tips. So, instead of overall highlighting you’d better add reddish hues at the tips of your hair creating a richer and fiery effect.

Celebs in Hot Brown Hair Colors

All the hottest hues of blonde can’t be included in one article but some of the best shades can be represented together. There are millions of brown tones that you can choose for you hair but here we have the trendiest brown hair colors from celebs. From sweet caramel to warm chocolate and from midnight truffle to milky brown these celebrities are going to make us want brown mane. There is sure a Hollywood star with a fantastic shade of brown that flatters you.brown-hair-colors-2019Kelly Brook Milky Brown Hair Color

We seldom met contrasting combinations of hues when it comes to brown hair. One of them is the dark brown base hair color with some milky highlights on the face framing strands. This subtle solution for brunettes is offered by our lovely Kelly Brook who has thick and luscious brunette locks and likes to soften them up.

Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Trend for 2019

The new chocolate mauve hair color trend for 2019 looks as gorgeous as it sounds. This amazing combination of brown and reddish pink, dark rose gold and mauve shades is ready to liven up our dark hair. Between all the possible hair colors for beunettes chocolate mauve seems to be the most luxurious one. We are more than confident that’s going to be the biggest hair color trend in 2019 among brow-haired women.chocolate-mauve-hair-colors-2019 Even blondes will love the idea of pulling off such a hot dark shade that’s close to modern balayage styles. If you are unsure about your next hair color idea then it’s the high time to think of the lavishing chocolate mauve. Mauve is an awesome tone of pink popular in fashion and makeup industry. Now, it has taken a step to the world of hairstyling. We are thankful to the skillful and creative stylists who have created it.

Medium Brown Hair Colors

Medium brown is a classic and natural hair color that works with most skin tones. It creates a radiant warmth all around your face and makes your eyes shine more subtly. You may be thinking of a trendy medium brown hair color idea and some inspiration from celebrities wearing it. These pictures of posh celebs will give you the most useful and fashionable ideas of medium brown hair colors and flattering hairstyles.medium-brown-hair-colors-2019Ashley Greene Medium Brown Hair Color

Ashley Greene is a famous brunette who wears her medium brown shade on long layered haircuts with side bangs or shot classic bob cuts. This hair color brings our attention to her seductive face. She has unveiled the secret of the right hair color to keep all eyes on her delightful appearance. Since natural hair color set of features best, Ashley prefers to rock medium brown hues. The best way to protect it and keep shiny is with a hydrating and using high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

Two-Tone Hair Colors: Brown and Blonde

Two-tone blonde and brown hair colors are not just fancy hair coloring ideas. They are super attractive and flattering shades for many skin tones. They tend to add a fabulous dimension to your hair and look better on asymmetrical, wavy, curly and shaggy hairstyles. Blonde and brown hair color mixtures are quite popular among celebs some of which are represented below.blonde-brown-hair-colors-2019Jessica Simpson Two-Tone Hair Color

What do you think, why Jessica Simpson likes two-tone hair colors so much? Perhaps it’s just trendy and goes well with her complexion? Not at all. The thing is that she find the best way of grabbing attention with this blonde brown hair color mixture, and she is not the only celebrity who uses this trick. It softens her hairstyles and adds warmth all around her face.