Softest Blonde Hair Colors for 2019

Blonde hair colors for 2019 come up with a string of natural tints, which provide us with the desired baby blonde shade and make hair look very soft. From the subtlest blonde hair colors to the most eye-catching whitish blondes here are blonde hair color trends for all complexions, base tones and tastes. If you have decided to refresh your blonde shade or become a forever blonde, consider these ravishing options.

Two-Tone Hair Colors: Brown and Blonde

Two-tone blonde and brown hair colors are not just fancy hair coloring ideas. They are super attractive and flattering shades for many skin tones. They tend to add a fabulous dimension to your hair and look better on asymmetrical, wavy, curly and shaggy hairstyles. Blonde and brown hair color mixtures are quite popular among celebs some of which are represented below.blonde-brown-hair-colors-2019Jessica Simpson Two-Tone Hair Color

What do you think, why Jessica Simpson likes two-tone hair colors so much? Perhaps it’s just trendy and goes well with her complexion? Not at all. The thing is that she find the best way of grabbing attention with this blonde brown hair color mixture, and she is not the only celebrity who uses this trick. It softens her hairstyles and adds warmth all around her face.

2019 Best Blonde Hair Colors for Short Cuts

If you think that long hair is more feminine than short, then you haven’t seen the trendy short blonde hairstyles. Blonde is such a magical hair color that it is able to soften any haircut, be it a short pixie or bob. More and more women opt for short cuts and they need subtle hair color ideas to make their fresh cuts incredibly attractive. Check out these trendy blonde hair colors for 2019 for short cuts.short-blonde-hairstyles-2019Short Platinum Blonde Pixie Haircut

Whether you are a dark or light-skinned lady with a short pixie haircut you can always relay on the shiny platinum blonde hair colors. Anyone with short pixie and matching skin tone can pull off platinum shade. While it looks harsh on long hair along with dark skin tones, it becomes well-balanced with short haircuts and dark skin. Things are much simpler for light-skinned women. They can wear this hair color on any haircut.

Sweet Honey Blonde Hair Colors

Platinum is certainly the biggest blonde hair color trend for the moment but it’s not the only shade that you can consider in 2019. There is the sweet honey blonde hair color with its light and dark tones for different complexions. If you have decides to switch up your hair color with a glossy blonde hue, then check out these honey blonde hair colors. Luckily honey blonde compliments almost all skin tones from light to dark and looks nice on many hairstyles.honey-blonde-hair-colors-2019Strawberry-Honey Blonde Hair Color

As strawberry blonde is close to honey blonde hair color, they ideally go with each other and create a shinier shade. A rich strawberry-hone blonde hair color can lighten up your blonde shade and make it glossy. This shade is stunning especially with fair complexions and light eyes. Dark eyes will create a hot contrast keeping your style sweet and soft. Women with dark hair will hardly achieve this shade, while natural blondes are welcome to try it as their next blonde tone.

Blonde Hair Colors for Brunettes from Kardashian Sisters

Today the tendency of wearing blonde shade on dark hair is becoming more and popular. Why? Because celebrities such as dark-haired Kardashian sisters prove that any brunette can become a blonde-haired beauty with the right chosen tone. If you have decided to transform into a blonde from a brunette then this article is for you. Keep on reading and unlock the world of the hottest blonde hair colors for brunettes. We will help you to find your hue of blonde.kardashian-blonde-hair-colors-2019Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Hair Color

This is not the first time that Kim goes for blonde. She has dyed her hair in honey and dirty blonde hair colors before the light and smashing platinum blonde. While many think that platinum blonde is a perfect shade for natural blondes and light-skinned women, Kim dyes her medium and then long hair in this shiny blonde tone. It brings out her warm skin tone and makes her dark eyes pop out. Perhaps one of the trendiest and loveliest shades of blonde for her lob haircut is the represented platinum blonde. It flatters her very much and highlights her seducing femininity.

Blonde Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Whether blondes have more fun or brunettes it’s up to you to decide. Today we are here to discuss blonde hair colors and your skin tone. Do you want to discover the best blonde shade for your complexion? Are you ready for the next transformation? Then let’s go! No matter, you are a natural blonde, brunette or redhead, there is always a perfect hue waiting for you.blonde-hair-colors-and-your-skin-tone-2019Blonde for Fair Skin with Cool Undertones

Women with fair skin tones and cool undertones look very angelic with blonde hair colors. However, not every blonde goes well with this complexion. Stylists and professional recommend to pair it with warm blonde hair colors that can make your skin look warmer. So, opt for the trendy strawberry blonde, golden, yellowish platinum and baby blonde hair colors.

Blonde Hair Color Trends and Hairstyles for 2019

Women with blonde hair are usually associated with tenderness, lightness and femininity. Whether you have blonde hair or are thinking of changing up your look with a trendy blonde shade, you need to have a look at the latest blonde hair colors and hairstyles for 2019, as hairstyles also play a great role when it comes to trendy looks. Not only your hair color, but also the hairstyle speaks a lot about your taste and style. So, match your hair color with the right hairstyles.blonde-hair-colors-and-hairstyles-2019Relaxed Waves in Blonde Balayage

Since balayage is a mixed hair color idea it is ideally reflected on wavy hairstyles. Waves bring out both light and dark tones of blonde hair and make your hairstyle deeper. While brunettes are inspired by the dark balayage hair colors, natural blondes can impress us with this hot solution. Ask your stylist for matching tones of dark and light blondes as well as light brown highlights.

Celebrities with Ash Blonde Hair Colors

Ash blonde is not as popular as golden, platinum and flaxen but it will soon become a trend if celebrities continue to steal it from one another. These pictures of celebrities with ash blonde hair colors will prove the fact that dominant shades of blondes are becoming less glossy and shiny. Instead, they get a natural and neutral touch with ash-y tones. Hayden Panettiere, Julianne Hough, Emma Stone, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and others prefer this hair color as it has light and dark tones, which beautifully work with their skin tones and eye hues.celebrity-ash-blonde-hair-colors-2019Carrie Underwood Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

A lot of people are confused about the true ash blonde hair colors. It’s just a neutral blonde hair color with less yellowish hints and tones as well as with less shine in it. Carrie Underwood’s light ash blonde is a cool and inspiring hair color for women who have medium skin and want to lighten it up. Of course each gets a unique shade of ash on her hair but the result is always satisfying and beautiful if you pick the right tone for your skin.

2019 Trendy Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde has zillions of hues which compliment different skin tones. They come up with a variety tones for all eye hues. Blonde is a gorgeous hair color. Today the hair color palette is enriched with new and trendier blonde hair colors for 2019. Let’s have a look at these charming shades and pick the most glamorous hair color Blonde Hair Color

Beach or the so called coastal blonde is the warm and sun-kissed shade that compliments medium complexions. It’s a multi-dimensional hair color that best goes with beach waves, voluminous bobs and shaggy lob haircuts. If you want to make it look natural, then don’t overdo your makeup. Keep it natural and subtle. Coastal blonde has deep warmth on the top of the hair and becomes lighter at the tips.

Amazing Bronde Hair Color

Anyone who loves the mixtures or light and dark hair colors will fall in love with the amazing bronde hair color. It’s the same blonde+brown that works well with most combinations due to its original warm, light and brownish effect. Stylists prove that this shade is the best option  for ladies who can’t decide between blonde and brown hair colors. When it comes to the choice of the bronde hair color you need to decide which tone best works with your hair. Today we will help you to make the right choice.bronde-hair-colors-2019How to Get Bronde Hair Color?

First, have a look at as many photos of bronde hair colors as possible and choose a tone according to your complexion with the help of a professional stylist. Many celebrities and models rock bronde hair color, so you can get your inspiration from them. Then consider either a highlighting, ombre or fully bronde hair color for your mane.

2019 Snowlights Hair Color for Blondes

There is a new hair coloring idea for you to use in 2019 and it has a fun name like the rest of hair color trends. The trendy snowlights hair color for 2019 is the latest thing for blondes. It’s going to be your cool and winter-y transformation with a light and subtle effect. This is snowlights and not highlights which means that you are going to get an icy touch for winter.snowlights-hair-colors-2019What is Snowlights Hair Color?

The Senior Colorist at the Hare and Bone salon Chloe Ascott is the first creator of the snowlights hair color trend in London. According to Chloe Ascott the key to the perfect snlowlight hair color is not just a simple choice between icy blonde or silver hair color. Surprisingly this is a hair color that doesn’t involve the latest crazy hues and coloring techniques. The name “snowlights” actually is associated with the application.