Medium Brown Hair Colors

Medium brown is a classic and natural hair color that works with most skin tones. It creates a radiant warmth all around your face and makes your eyes shine more subtly. You may be thinking of a trendy medium brown hair color idea and some inspiration from celebrities wearing it. These pictures of posh celebs will give you the most useful and fashionable ideas of medium brown hair colors and flattering hairstyles.medium-brown-hair-colors-2019Ashley Greene Medium Brown Hair Color

Ashley Greene is a famous brunette who wears her medium brown shade on long layered haircuts with side bangs or shot classic bob cuts. This hair color brings our attention to her seductive face. She has unveiled the secret of the right hair color to keep all eyes on her delightful appearance. Since natural hair color set of features best, Ashley prefers to rock medium brown hues. The best way to protect it and keep shiny is with a hydrating and using high-quality shampoo and conditioner.ashley-greene-medium-brown-hair-color-2019Adriana Lima Medium Brown Hair Color

Having warm and tanned skin tone with olive undertones Adriana Lima ideally looks with warm brown hair colors. Her shiny skin becomes even prettier with a reflection of beach-kissed effect. She combines it with long and soft straight hairstyles, which highlight her light eyes by framing her face with a dark hue.adriana-lima-medium-brown-hair-color-2019Katie Holmes Medium Brown Hair Color

Katie Holmes likes to wear her long curly hair in medium brown shades, as this hair color looks perfect in her classic all-American brunette look. She doesn’t look so hot in blonde hair colors. Brunette is her visit card and signature style. Here you see her natural-looking medium brown hairstyle, which perfectly goes with her complexion and eyes.katie-holmes-medium-brown-hair-color-2019Drew Barrymore Medium Brown Hair Color

We have seen Drew Barrymore in many blonde, reddish and crazy hair colors but medium brown remains her most elegant shade. It reflects some golden hints all over her hair and displays her kewpie doll look with which she is known for. Drew is one of the famous women who doesn’t afraid of radical changes and often makes her choice between blonde and radiant hair colors. However, she again comes back to brown hues.drew-barrymore-brown-hair-color-2019Maria Menounos Medium Brown Hair Color

An excellent example of a Hollywood charm is Maria Menounos with her medium brown hair. She is not blonde-haired and blue-eyed, but a stunning brunette who captures so many male hearts. This shade is ideal for her style, haircut and ethnic features. Her tanned skin tone and dark eyes are thankful for this choice.maria-menounos-medium-brown-hair-color-2019