Hazelnut Hair Colors for 2019

Very often people confuse chestnut and hazelnut hair colors. However, there is some difference between these two shades. The main difference is that hazelnut is a tad cooler than chestnut. It’s lighter and has no mahogany or reddish brown undertones. Thanks to their warmth hazelnut hair colors are similar to mocha shades. Since it’s a versatile and natural hair color it suits many complexions and eye shades. Check out the best hazelnut hair colors for 2019.hazelnut hair color 2019Hazelnut Hair Color and Your Complexion

The most suitable complexions for hazelnut hair colors are light skin tones with yellowish, golden or pinkish undertones, medium skin tones with neutral undertones and dark skin tones with golden undertones. Depending on your skin tone your hazelnut hair color can be either light or dark. Since it’s one of the softest brown hair colors, it compliments brown eyes but can look awesome with lighter eye hues too. The perfect eye hue for hazelnut hair is hazel.Light & Dark Hazelnut Hair Colors

Women who want to brighten up their look with a hazelnut shade should opt for its light tone. It is perfectly worn on medium brown hair colors and works well with hazel, light brown and green eyes. Peachy undertones will look quite soft with hazelnut hair colors. On the other hand, dark hazelnut hair color is great for those with already dark skin and dark eyes. It’s for brunettes who don’t want a major change but still need to enrich their dark hair. There are also glazed and toasted hazelnut hair colors. The toasted hazelnut hair color is a medium to light tone that compliments any skin tone besides too light yellow-based skin tones. Glazed hazelnut hair color is a bright and vibrant shade with darker hints. It has a glazed almost frosty-like finish, which beautifully shines under the rays of the sun. It contains natural looking highlights, which compliment a variety of skin undertones.hazelnut hair color 2019

hazelnut hair color idea 2019Hazelnut Hair Highlights

Add some interest and more color to your brown locks with hazelnut highlights. Choose natural medium highlights for dark brown hair. Since hazelnut hair colors and highlights don’t create a big change you don’t need to worry about its maintenance. You can go for touch ups every four weeks. You’d better wear balayage highlights if you seek for a natural touch. The good thing about adopting a hazelnut shade is that it never looks too different from natural brown roots and creates an overall fresher effect. Keep up with the most requested updates only if it’s necessary and use hair color protective products.