Dark Brown Hair Colors

The beauty of brown hair is sometimes hidden behind its darkness. The darker your hair color the deeper it looks. That’s why many women with thin tresses dye their locks in dark brown hair colors to create an impression of a thicker-looking hairstyle. Besides, dark brown shades add extra-shine and beauty. Have you ever though why dark-haired celebrities keep up with their natural shade and never ever change it into another hue? The reason is that brunette hair is the most seductive of all. Kit captures many male hearts and brings out your skin tone.dark brown hair colors 2019Dark Caramel Brown Hair Color

Warm and dark hair colors like caramel is a hot choice for brunettes who love rich and shiny hair colors in deep tints. Dark caramel brown will easily turn your hair into a thicker and more voluminous hairstyle thanks to the depth of the multi-toned brown shades. If you feel as if this is your ultimate hair color trend then take your long or medium hairstyle to the next level.dark caramel brown hair color 2019Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Color

The most intelligent dark brown hair color is the cholate tone. It has a monotone effect on hair and looks perfect on long and thick mane. Many Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian prefer this hair color as it is delightful, hot and attractive. Besides, chocolate brown shades bring a healthy touch to brunette hair. They go well with warm, olive and sometimes even light skin tones.dark chocolate brown hair color 2019Dark Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Speaking about brown shades we cannot leave alone the fact that chestnut is the most natural looking and versatile brown hair color. It has light, medium and dark tones which compliment different skin tones and eye hues, which means that you can pair it with your complexion quite daintily and harmoniously. Just opt for the right hue.dark chestnut  brown hair color idea 2019Dark Classic Brown Hair Color

What do we mean by a classic brown hair color? It’s the dark shade of chestnut with a monotone reflection of ash espresso. The result is this cute and soft hair color for dark locks. It works well with most complexions and brings out light eyes. In case you have light green or blue eyes you’ll look like a cool princess run from a fairy-tale.dark classic brown hair color 2019Dark Brown Ombre Hair Color

Although we seldom see Katy Perry in dark brown hair colors as she generally plays with bold and unusual hues, this seems to be one of her most elegant hair color combinations. It’s a dark brown ombre with light brown tips. The secret of this hair color is that it works well almost with all skin tones and can be easily chosen both by white and black women.Katy Perry dark ombre hair color 2019