Celebs in Hot Brown Hair Colors

All the hottest hues of blonde can’t be included in one article but some of the best shades can be represented together. There are millions of brown tones that you can choose for you hair but here we have the trendiest brown hair colors from celebs. From sweet caramel to warm chocolate and from midnight truffle to milky brown these celebrities are going to make us want brown mane. There is sure a Hollywood star with a fantastic shade of brown that flatters you.brown-hair-colors-2019Kelly Brook Milky Brown Hair Color

We seldom met contrasting combinations of hues when it comes to brown hair. One of them is the dark brown base hair color with some milky highlights on the face framing strands. This subtle solution for brunettes is offered by our lovely Kelly Brook who has thick and luscious brunette locks and likes to soften them up.kelly-brook-milky-brown-hair-2019Keira Knightley Reddish Brown Hair Color

Keira Knightley has naturally chestnut brown hair but she sometimes updates it with warmer and richer tones of brown such as the reddish hue. This subtle shade brings out her complexion and makes her hairstyle very classic especially in straight looks. You can try a reddish brown hair color closer to your base shade and skin undertones.keira-knightley-brown-hair-color-2019Nicole Scherzinger Light Brown Hair Color

Light hair and Nicole Scherzinger? Well, our hot brunette has decided to lighten up her hair in a light brown tone. Actually, it can even be called dirty blonde as it ideally lightens up her tanned complexion. Although we love her in long dark hairstyles but this light shade of brown with dark roots is more fashionable and fabulous for her wavy hairstyle.nicole-scherzinger-light-brown-hair-color-2019Rebecca Ferguson Warm Brown Hair Color

Rebecca Ferguson has light skin and subtle eyes, which are highlighted with the help of warm brown hairstyle. Warm brown hair colors are sometimes the best shades for light-skinned women who want to grab attention. This shade looks so natural and soft on her side swept hairstyle. Keeping the makeup natural Rebecca Ferguson has achieved the best combination for her hair and skin.rebecca-ferguson-warm-brown-hair-color-2019Zooey Deschanel Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Perhaps it’s impossible to imagine Zooey Deschanel in a perfect blonde shade. We love her brunette hair that ideally goes with her light complexion and makes her light eyes pop out. She updates her shade with richer chocolate brown tones and goes for more luminous hairstyles to prove that brunette hair is her signature style.celebs-in-hot-brown-hair-colors