Amazing Blue Hair Colors for 2019

Dying your hair a crazy hair color is not a simple game to play. You should meet an expert to make sure you have done the right choice and are going to get the desired effect. When it comes to trendy blue hair colors for 2019 we meet many celebs and models rocking blue hairstyles with silvery, denim and pastel touches. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular blue shades to try this year.Amazing Blue Hair Colors for 2019Deep Blue Hair Color

Brunettes can dye their hair in blue without bleach if they make their choice between the dark blue hair colors. There is also the trendy blue black hair color, which you can choose for dark brunette hair colors. Common dark blues are worn on lighter brunette shades. This is an awesome way to change up your look into a fancier one.Pastel Blue Hair Color

The next shade is special for blonde, who easily get pastel hair colors without additional touches. Pastel blue is a gorgeous hair color that works well with light complexions but we have seen black women with this hue and the result is really wonderful. Try a light pastel blue shade and get a cute angelic appearance. The popularity of the light blue shades increased after the silver hair color trends.Denim Blue Hair Color

Love the hue of your denim jeans? What about dying hair in the same shade? Denim blue is the most creative blue hair color for 2019.  It has become a big hair color trend thanks to its fascinating and multidimensional effects. This is a multi-tone hair color both for blonde and brunettes who want to get many tones of blue on their hair. The best hairstyles are loose waves for denim blue hair colors.Blue Ombre Hair Color

Deep blue roots combined with light blue tips are the perfect blue ombre hair colors for 2019. Blue ombre shades are more creative than the rest of ombre hair colors. They are crazy and eye-catching. Even if you opt for less updates you will still have an awesome hair color like the trendy faded pastel shades.Silver Blue Hair Color

Silver shades seem to become trendier. They are sometimes mixed with light blue hair colors. If you like shiny blue hair colors and extravagant hairstyles, then chop off your hair into a short pixie cut and go for a silver blue hair color. Style your locks in spiky or sleek hairstyles to bring out the shine.