5 Blue Hair Color Ideas

Girls looking for some awesome style statement ways find it quite easy with vibrant hair colors. If you are one of them and wish to get a cool hair color for 2019 then check out these 5 blue hair colors to pick the right shade of blue for your complexion. Many of these shades require deep bleaching before coloring. So, make sure you are ready to opt for bleaching and take that risk of going for an edgy look. There are the trendy denim, pastel, silver, ink and vivid blue hair colors that we have taken out from the hair color palette. Let’s discuss each separately.blue-hair-colors-2019Denim Blue Hair Color

Everyone is familiar with the denim jeans. Perhaps anyone who has ever won this shade on her hair claims that it’s the subtlest of all blue hues. The cool game of light and dark tones is so harmonious and cute that you get attracted with its subtle touch. Denim allows you to keep your roots dark and lighten up the medium and tips with tenderer shades of jeans blue. As a result, you get a trendier and prettier hairstyle.denim-hair-color-2019Pastel Blue Hair Color

Pastel blue which is closer to the peaceful sky blue hair color is not a new hair color idea for you, but it’s one of the best pastel to try in 2019. Unlike denim blue pastel blue goes well with blonde hair colors or bleached locks. If you have such and want a lighter effect for your tresses go ahead with this fresh look. Don’t confuse it with mint or gray hair colors and ask your stylist for a pure sky blue shade.pastel-blue-hair-2019Silver Blue Hair Color

We love it as it is here to take our grey hairstyles to the next level. We are ready to pull off the stunning silver blue hair color, which brings extra-shine and an exquisite reflection for our hair. Any haircut and hairstyle immediately becomes softer with silver blue hair colors. There are light and dark tones of this shade, which means that each can take the most flattering tone for her complexion.silver-blue-hair-color-2019Ink Blue Hair Color

Looking for a darker blue hair color? What about the blue black or the so-called midnight ink blue shade? I know you’ll love it if you are a seductive brunette. Ink blue is not for anyone who wants to go for a blue hair color.  it’s for brave and powerful brunettes with light or olive skin tones and blue or black eyes. Although it usually looks like black but its blue hues shine beautifully under the rays of the sun. ink-blue-hair-color-2019Vivid Blue Hair Color

There are artistic approaches towards makeup tips, haircuts and hair colors and one of them is the use of vivid blue. Vibrant hair colors inspired by neon shades tend to make hair flashy and fascinating. They are able to grab attention even on dullest hairstyle. In case you are tired of the traditional hair color ideas and seek for a big change, consider this vivid blue hair color for your trendy cut.vivid-blue-hair-color-2019