Two-Tone Hair Colors: Brown and Blonde

Two-tone blonde and brown hair colors are not just fancy hair coloring ideas. They are super attractive and flattering shades for many skin tones. They tend to add a fabulous dimension to your hair and look better on asymmetrical, wavy, curly and shaggy hairstyles. Blonde and brown hair color mixtures are quite popular among celebs some of which are represented below.blonde-brown-hair-colors-2019Jessica Simpson Two-Tone Hair Color

What do you think, why Jessica Simpson likes two-tone hair colors so much? Perhaps it’s just trendy and goes well with her complexion? Not at all. The thing is that she find the best way of grabbing attention with this blonde brown hair color mixture, and she is not the only celebrity who uses this trick. It softens her hairstyles and adds warmth all around her face.jessica-simpson-blonde-brown-hair-color-2019Leona Lewis Two-Tone Hair Color

Blonde and brown blends attract Leona Lewis too. She pulls together an incredibly beautiful two-tone ombre hair color with dark brown roots and warm vibrant blonde tips. This fresh hair color combo works well with her long sleek hairstyle and highlights her feminine features. Women with tanned or live complexions may try this hair color idea to switch up their look.Leona Lewis - Biz SessionSarah Jessica Parker Two-Tone Hair Color

As for Sarah Jessica Parker she doesn’t give up on new hair color experiments and multi-tone shades. Her blonde brown hair color idea beautifies her long wavy hairstyle and adds it depth. Most of her hair colors are in dark honey blonde shades with chunky brown highlights but here we see the opposite style. It makes her hair prettier.sarah-jessica-parker-blonde-brown-hair-color-2019Beyonce Two-Tone Hair Color

If you think that blonde and brown hair color mixtures are not for black women then have a look at Beyonce hot hairstyle. Her dark skin doesn’t make her think that blonde won’t look good on her hair. She wisely chooses brown and blonde tones and creates gorgeous hues for her wavy hairstyle. It highlights her brown eyes and shiny lips.beyonce-blonde-brown-hair-color-2019Jamie Lynn Spears Two-Tone Hair Color

What do you think of Jamie Lynn Spears’s two-tone hair color? Doesn’t it make sense? This is the case when the stylist has succeeded by creating an original combo of brown and blonde tones. Jamie Lynn Spears rocks a trendy layered haircut which is mostly on blonde shade. It is highlighted with dark brown chunky highlights. The result is inspiring and capturing. You can try it in 2019.jamie-lynn-spears-blonde-brown-hair-color-2019