Subtlest Dark Blonde Hair Colors

When hair is fresh-colored, trendy and shiny, it speaks for itself without any major styles, makeups and vibrant accents. For those who are confused in the variety of blonde hair colors and can’t find the subtlest dirty tones, here are the best dark blonde hair color ideas. Pull off one of these shades to enhance your medium to dark skin tone, light or dark eyes.dirty-blonde-hair-colors-2019Kate Bosworth’s Dirty Blonde Hair Color

We remember Kate Bosworth with light platinum blonde shades. But once she has decide to go for a darker tone of blonde and made her choice between warm blonde and sun-kissed highlights. It’s one great way to switch up loose waves and create a multi-tone effect.kate-bosworth-dirty-blonde-hair-color-2019Kiernan Shipka’s Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Kiernan Shipka has worn some dirty shades of blonde on her traditional milky blonde hair. It looks very attractive with dark center parted roots and medium waves. The shade itself frames her face and makes her dark eye pop out. Her stylist has also used a multidimensional technique to achieve a richer dirty blonde hair color, which compliments her skin tone.  kiernan-shipka-dirty-blonde-hair-color-2019Ciara Dirty Blonde Hair Color

If there is any black celebrity who knows how to deal with blonde hair colors right, then it’s Ciara. She is no more afraid of blonde shades. Moreover, Ciara is an inspiring trendsetter of dirty blonde shades for black women. She prefers to wear it with dark roots to keep the balance between dark and lighter tones. Anyone with dark and warm skin can copy Ciara’s dark blonde hues.ciara-dirty-blonde-hair-color-2019Constance Jablonski Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Constance Jablonski usually shows us how beautiful dark blonde hair can look with bright red lips. She gives us the best makeup ideas for dirty blonde hair. Her unique medium skin tone and light eye combination becomes flashier with dirty blonde hair colors. It seems as if this is her natural hair color but the eyes are not in their natural hue or the vice versa.constance-jablonski-dirty-blonde-hair-color-2017Sienna Miller Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Sienna Miller is another medium skinned celebrity who likes to wear dirty blonde hair colors. Think of her dark blonde hair color if you are planning to lighten your hair at the tips and keep the top darker. It helps her to keep harmony for her dark eyes and makes her hair trendier.sienna-miller-dirty-blonde-hair-color-2019Cara Delevingne Dirty Blonde Hair Color

If you do some research for dirty blonde hair color you will surely meet Cara Delevingne’s hairstyles. She is one of the posh models who often goes for dirty blonde hair color to get a “nude” style. Her colorist ideally deal with her mane and provides with the subtlest dirty blonde hair colors. Keeping it tender and soft is as easy for her as creating a cool old Hollywood style.cara-delevingne-dirty-blonde-hair-color-2019