Lightest Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Whatever you may choose for your hair blonde remains the most feminine shade. It is considered as the loveliest hair color idea when someone want to pull off a seductive and angelic look. Actually, the lighter your hair color the tenderer you’ll look but the question in this case is whether you have the matching skin tone or not. Let’s discuss some of the trendiest light blonde hair colors and make our ultimate choice.light blonde hair colors 2019Light Wheat Blonde Hair Color

Wheat blonde is a sun-kissed hair color for you to match with your base blonde hair color. You can use it to lighten it up and create a more balanced effect. Wheat blonde has the shiny touch of the wheat, that’s why it goes well with light eye hues and rosy undertones.wheat blonde hair color 2019White Blonde Hair Color

While many think that the lightest blonde hair color is the platinum blonde we are here to tell you that it’s the white blonde. Compared with platinum shades it has no yellowish undertones and looks pure white. White blonde is not for everyone. It compliments pale and light skin tones and looks better with light eye hues. So, if you have dark skin tone and dark eyes you’d better avoid this harsh contrast.white blonde hair color 2019Platinum Blonde Hair Color

After the whitish blonde hair colors we meet yellowish blondes in the hair color palette. Whether you have light or dark skin tone you can experiment with platinum blonde tones. The only thing you need to consider is its undertones and your hairstyle. Why hairstyle? Because not all haircuts and hairstyles are perfect for platinum blonde hair.white blonde hair color 2019Light Blonde Highlights

Natural blonde hair colors are sometimes matte and shine-free. In order to add a hint of shine you may try light blonde highlights. Thin slicing highlights seem to be the best option for 2019. They are trendy and look quite exquisite. There isn’t a huge difference between base blondes and highlights when you keep the balance.light blonde highlights 2019

Multi-Tone Light Blonde Hair Color

What do you think of a mixture of several light blonde hair colors? Mix light platinum, ash and flaxen blonde hair color and get a richer tone of blonde on your hair. You can use the somber technique and create a trendy blend for your hair. The chosen tints should definitely go well with your current hair color.multi-tone light blonde hair color 2019Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

Here is something flattering for medium skinned women. The matte tones of light ash blonde go well with medium skin tones and olive undertones. They tend to bring out warm complexions and create a balance with light eyes. If you avoid glossy and sun-kissed blonde hair color you may consider light ash blonde in 2019.light ash blonde hair color 2019

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