Light Hair Color Ideas for Blondes

If you think that any hair color works well with blondes then check out our list of light hair colors for blondes and leave alone the stereotypes that hair color possibilities are endless for blondes. There are cool shades that flatter pale complexions and highlight blonde locks. Keep up with the recent trends and update your blonde hair with nicer shades.light-hair-colors-for-blondes-2019Sandy Blonde Hair Color

The balance between matte and golden shades on sandy blonde hair colors add depth and a natural touch to any blonde hair color. This is the most accepted hair color for blonde-haired women of all age groups. It is neutral and tends to warm up pale complexions and bring out light eyes. You can ask your stylist for less golden hues for summer and much glossy effect for winter as skin becomes paler in winter. Update the color every four weeks.sandy-blonde-hair-color-2019Buttery Blonde Hair Color

Among all the blonde hair colors buttery blonde is the tone that strictly request pale skin tone and naturally blonde hair to look perfect. This shiny, light and soft blonde shade is very fresh and has a sunny glam in it. In order to avoid washed out looks you’d better keep up with some warm roots and hints on the tips.buttery-blonde-hair-color-2019Rose Gold Hair Color

If you look for a warmer, yet light shade of blonde for your hair then the sweet rose gold hair color is the thing you need. This hair color idea is a combination of rose, blonde, honey and apricot shades, which create a monotone shade with an ideal blend of hues.  After dying your hair in this blonde hue use frequent conditioning masks.rose-gold-hair-color-2019Blush Blonde Hair Color

Blush blonde is the shade that allows you to break down the washed out effect that you have between your current hair color and skin tone. Even the palest skin becomes prettier with blush blonde hair colors. The secret is hidden behind the tone you opt for. In order to keep hair away from looking brassy try to use strawberry toner between salon visits.blush-blonde-hair-color-2019Vanilla Blonde Hair Color

Sweet and sophisticated blonde hues like the popular vanilla blonde go well with almost all light complexions and natural blonde hair colors. This is a cute baby blonde shade that softens any haircut and hairstyle. You can touch it up every three weeks for a brighter, fresher and much glossier effect.  vanilla-blonde-hair-color-2019