Hollywood’s Best Blonde-Haired Celebrities

Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors in Hollywood. Although the majority of stars have brunette locks but many go for trendy blonde hair colors. Here are the best blonde hair colors from celebs special for women who look for celebrity hair color inspirations. Check out the most amazing shades of blonde from platinum to strawberry.celebrity-blonde-hair-colors-2019Blake Lively Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

If strawberry blonde then Blake Lively’s style. Blake is one of the most favorite blondes in Hollywood who inspires many light-skinned women with her warm blonde hair colors. The hint of red or gold is always included on her hair color palette and she is one of the stars who likes reddish blonde hair colors. Strawberry blonde ideally goes with her complexion and eyes creating a warmer, golden and sun-kissed elegance for her hair.blake-lively-strawberry-blonde-2019Jennifer Lawrence Platinum Blonde Hair

Her eyes, her smile and her hair is just gorgeous. Jennifer Lawrence is not only a hot master of makeups, haircuts and outfits but also hair colors, she chooses the most fashionable shades to change up and liven up her medium haircuts. Most of the blonde hair colors that she has been rocking so far compliment her skin tone and eyes, but platinum blonde highlights her femininity and real attractiveness. It’s a glamorous and soft hair color to frame her face.jennifer-lawrence-platinum-blonde-hair-2019Charlize Theron Flaxen Blonde Hair Color

While Charlize Theron inspires many posh designers and models, she always keeps up with the fashion to look younger and so girlish. Her sophisticated natural blonde hair colors give her an angelic look and work well with her tender light eyes and flawless light skin. She can rock blonde shades from ash to buttery and from light to medium.charlize-theron-flaxen-blonde-hair-color-2019Julianne Hough Ash Blonde Hair Color

There are times when you seek for a hair color that looks shine-free and simple. Julianne Hough’s medium ash blonde can be an ideal tone of blonde for medium-skinned women. This shade highlights loose wavy hairstyles and makes them trendier. If you feel as if you need another ash-y hue for your hair with a kind of grayish effect, then hurry up and take the medium ash blonde.julianne-hough-ash-blonde-hair-color-2019Reese Witherspoon Light Blonde Hair Color

Nude blonde hair colors prove that the most seductive looks can be created only thanks to natural touches. So, Reese Witherspoon rocks the perfect nude blonde hair color according to her skin tone. The darker your complexion the darker your blonde hue should be. It is supposed to be close to your skin tone in order to create an overall nude look. Take an example from Reese Witherspoon and enhance your style.reese-witherspoon-light-blonde-hair-color-2019