Blonde Hair Colors with Dark Roots

Dark roots with blonde hair are a special style. They stand out from the rest of blonde shades and look very eye-catching. If you are playing with the idea of a two-tone hair color and can’t make the right choice for your blonde tresses, start with dark roots. We call this a mini-ombre style, which tends to become a big trend for 2019. It is perfect both for long and short haircuts and many sue it as a cool trick for their pixie haircuts too. Have a look at these posh examples of blonde hair colors with dark roots and choose your ultimate hair color update.blonde hair with dark roots 2019Golden Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Here is Kylie Jenner with her next surprising hair color idea. This time we see her in golden mane and dark roots. Since she has medium to tanned skin tone the chosen combination looks well balanced with her complexion and eye hue. She has created a contrasting effect for her golden blonde hair color with the help of dark brown roots. However, both shades are warm in their tones and therefore look harmonious. You can use the same trick if you are not of with purely golden blonde mane.golden blonde hair with dark roots 2019Light Honey Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Carrie Underwood, in her turn, offers us a subtler combination of light and dark tones. She has worn a light honey blonde hair color on her long wavy hairstyle and updated it with dark caramel brown roots. Taking into account the fact that both caramel and honey are sweet hair colors, they create a cute combo tighter. Such a lovely hair color idea is great for medium skin tones and dark eyes.2019 blonde hair with dark rootsAsh Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Ash blonde is a popular and trendy hair color for 2019. But let’s make it more interesting with dark roots. Women who have medium skin tones and dark eyes can try this hair color transformation too in 2019. It is a glamorous hair color and tends to make hair very soft and tender. Loose waves and brushed out curls are the best hairstyles to match with it. It’s obvious that smokey eye makeup tips are ideal for this hair color combination.light sand blonde hair with dark roots 2019Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

It goes without saying that the most eye-catching and contrasting hair color idea is the platinum blonde with dark roots. Opt for deep and dark brown or even black roots to change up your platinum blonde mane. Style your brand new hair into loose waves, retro curls or beach wavy hairstyles and feel the attention it grabs. Black women use this trick not to bleach out their roots while wearing platinum blonde hair colors. Besides, they get a balanced effect for their dark skin and eyes.platinum blonde hair with dark roots 2019Dark Honey Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Dirty or dark honey blonde hair colors are warm and they beautifully work with dark roots. This is not the first time that Beyoncé goes for this solution to style her curly hair. She wears dirty or honey blonde hair colors to lighten up her dark complexion but keeps the roots dark in order not to look washed out.dark honey blonde hair with dark roots 2019