Hottest Celebrities in Black Hair Colors

Deep black hair colors on long, medium and short hairstyles are known as the classiest and most powerful styles for women. If you are a natural black-haired women then keep in mind that you are unique in your real style. Not everyone has the chance to look so hot and attractive. Black hair makes you more than seductive. Celebrities with black hair colors are always in the center of attention. We love some of the most glamorous stars who rock black hairstyles. Here they are!celebrity-black-hair-colors-2019Dita Von Teese Black Hair Color

One of the most contrasting hair color and skin tone combinations belongs to Dita Von Teese. She is the type of woman who prefers to change up her look with new styles and not new hair colors. Her jet-black hair paired with ultra-pale skin tone looks very luxurious. This raven hair color compliments her dark eyes and brings out her facial features. It’s a cool shade with retro curls for those who want to look like an Old-Hollywood actress or Snow White.dita-von-teese-black-hair-color-2019Megan Fox Black Hair Color

I myself think that Megan Fox is not just a medium-skinned lady with black hair. She is a stunner with her light shiny eyes, which become more sparkling due to her dark mane. She keeps her hair long and luscious in order to bring out her complexion. This is the best shade of black for medium kin tones and light eyes.megan-fox-black-hair-2019Katie Holmes Black Hair Color

Katie Holmes proves that she can look amazing in shiny black hair colors without drawing attention to her yellow undertones. Black is more attractive for her hair than brown shades. There is no need to mention that her luminous wavy and curly hairstyles enhance the beauty of this fresh hue.katie-holmes-black-hair-2019Priyanka Chopra Black Hair Color

Having naturally dark hair Priyanka Chopra always opts for black tones so effortlessly. It seems as if this is her natural hair color. It suits not only her dark eyes but also her warm skin tone preventing from looking olive. Many Indian women find their source of inspiration in Priyanka Chopra. She is fabulous in her long layered thick hairstyles.priyanka-chopra-black-hair-color-2019Kim Kardashian Black Hair Color

Kim’s most capturing hair color is black. Although she experiments with platinum and other blonde shades but dark hues remain her visit cards. She becomes so posh, classy and elegant in black hairstyles. This shade frames her killer face and compliments her warm skin and dark Black Hair Color

Rihanna has worn many hair colors including blondes and reds. She is as awesome in those shades as in black hue. Black goes well with her short pixie, bob, lob and longer hairstyles. It’s the shade that she can always rely on as a hot brunette and dark-skinned beauty.   rihanna-black-hair-color-2019