2019 Hidden Rainbow Hair Colors

What is it like to have a monotone and multi-tone hair color at the same time? The answer is clear for those who rock hidden rainbow hair colors for 2019. It’s like you have dyed your hair in rainbow shades but nothing is noticeable until you show it off. The secret is that hidden rainbow hair colors cover only the underneath your top layer of tresses, which means that the hair on the surface is in a monotone shade. This hair color technique is blowing our minds with its creativity and cleverness. Would you like to try it in 2019? Get your inspiration! It’s special for women who have special dress codes, hair styling limitations at the office or in their relationships but still want to experiment with crazy rainbow shades.hidden-rainbow-hair-colors-2019How to Get:

Here is the guide to the hidden rainbow hair colors that will help you to understand how it all begins. The process of coloring is very fascinating itself, therefore the result is more than interesting.  Whether you have brown or blonde hair you can achieve underneath rainbow shades on your locks.

Gorgeous Ecaille Hair Colors

It’s the high time to discover a new hair coloring idea inspired by the traditional ombre shades. You know, every season stylists create new hair colors based on the ombre coloring technique and the latest style is the ecaille hair color. After reading this article, you will be familiar with a new hair color idea which looks so natural and beautiful on brunette and dark blonde hair. We will also explain the best technique on how to achieve ecaille hair color. So, keep on reading.ecaille-hair-colors-2019What is Ecaille Hair Color?

After the ombre and balayage now, we see a more natural hair trend which softness any base shade with its smooth caramel tones paired with golden highlights. Ecaille is a soft hair color trend that creates a slightly richer and bit darker version of your natural shade. This hair color created by the creative French hair colorists, tends to be dark not only at the roots but also at the tips keeping hair naturally darkened and sophisticated. It’s the tenderer version of our lovely ombre hair colors. It seems as if all the golden balayage highlights, caramel ombre tints and multidimensional bombshell combinations of natural hair colors are mixed in one style called ecaille.  

5 Blue Hair Color Ideas

Girls looking for some awesome style statement ways find it quite easy with vibrant hair colors. If you are one of them and wish to get a cool hair color for 2019 then check out these 5 blue hair colors to pick the right shade of blue for your complexion. Many of these shades require deep bleaching before coloring. So, make sure you are ready to opt for bleaching and take that risk of going for an edgy look. There are the trendy denim, pastel, silver, ink and vivid blue hair colors that we have taken out from the hair color palette. Let’s discuss each separately.blue-hair-colors-2019Denim Blue Hair Color

Everyone is familiar with the denim jeans. Perhaps anyone who has ever won this shade on her hair claims that it’s the subtlest of all blue hues. The cool game of light and dark tones is so harmonious and cute that you get attracted with its subtle touch. Denim allows you to keep your roots dark and lighten up the medium and tips with tenderer shades of jeans blue. As a result, you get a trendier and prettier hairstyle.

Best Grey Hair Colors for All Skin Tones

Whatever your skin tone grey is a natural human hair color, which means that you can dye your locks in a flattering shade of silver. Granny hair has replaced its place from runways to the streets and is now on thing for young women. All you need to pick the right shade for your hair is to consider your complexion. Consult with a stylist or keep on reading to discover the best grey hair colors for your skin tone. We will help you to find the shade of grey that best goes with your complexion.grey-hair-colors-and-skin-tones-2019Grey Hair Color for Light Skin Tones

If you have light skin tone and want to pull off a nice grey hair color you should go for a creamy or yellowish shade of grey not to look washed out. On the other hand too much gold is not so suitable for light skin. So, choose the golden mean between all the grey hair colors to flatter with your pale skin tone. So, opt for a paler yellow grey hair color for light skin tones.

Awesome Dip Dyed Hair Colors for 2019

Dip dye your hair into something more interesting and colorful. A beautiful hairstyle is all you need to stand out in the crowd. So, start with your hair color. Go for a new dip dyed hair color for 2019 and inspire many of your friends. It seems this hair color trend isn’t going to die anytime soon. It is ready to be much evolved and beautified.dip-dye-hair-colors-2019What is Dip Dye Hair Color?

Dip-dye means to dye some parts of your hair in another shade. it’s actually placed at the tip of hair. According to the latest trends, celebrities choose absolutely different hair colors from their natural hue. they are bright, pastel neon and popular ombre shades which make hair flashy and more modern. Brunettes use this technique to lighten up their hair tips, while blondes go for more versatile ideas. In some cases, stylists recommend to bleach the ends to get the desired shade after coloring.

2019 Trendy Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde has zillions of hues which compliment different skin tones. They come up with a variety tones for all eye hues. Blonde is a gorgeous hair color. Today the hair color palette is enriched with new and trendier blonde hair colors for 2019. Let’s have a look at these charming shades and pick the most glamorous hair color ideas.new-blonde-hair-colors-2019Coastal Blonde Hair Color

Beach or the so called coastal blonde is the warm and sun-kissed shade that compliments medium complexions. It’s a multi-dimensional hair color that best goes with beach waves, voluminous bobs and shaggy lob haircuts. If you want to make it look natural, then don’t overdo your makeup. Keep it natural and subtle. Coastal blonde has deep warmth on the top of the hair and becomes lighter at the tips.

Amazing Bronde Hair Color

Anyone who loves the mixtures or light and dark hair colors will fall in love with the amazing bronde hair color. It’s the same blonde+brown that works well with most combinations due to its original warm, light and brownish effect. Stylists prove that this shade is the best option  for ladies who can’t decide between blonde and brown hair colors. When it comes to the choice of the bronde hair color you need to decide which tone best works with your hair. Today we will help you to make the right choice.bronde-hair-colors-2019How to Get Bronde Hair Color?

First, have a look at as many photos of bronde hair colors as possible and choose a tone according to your complexion with the help of a professional stylist. Many celebrities and models rock bronde hair color, so you can get your inspiration from them. Then consider either a highlighting, ombre or fully bronde hair color for your mane.

2019 Freshest Hair Color Ideas

Frosted blonde, caramel bronde, satin red, biscuit burette and beige highlights are the freshest hair color ideas for 2019. They are new in the fashion world and are knocking the doors of women who keep up with the trends. If you are one of these posh ladies then open up your doors for the new hair color mixtures and coloring methods. Your hairstylist is waiting for your visit impatiently. Be the first to show the new hair color trends.hair-color-trends-2019Satin Red Hair Color

The first shade that I want to speak about is the satin red, which is ready to spice up your look. This is the hottest red for the season with a deep combination of all copper and rich auburn hair colors. It creates a translucent vibrancy at the ends of the hair and deeper reflection at the roots. Before coloring your hair in this shade consider your haircut. It’s better to keep it trendy, fresh and charming like this short shaggy bob.

Amazing Gold Leaf Hair Colors in Fashion

After the silver and gold temporary hair tattoos designers decided that this can become a cool hair color inspiration for many of us. Today we see the amazing gold leaf hair colors in the fashion world with a posh and modern twist. It’s created special for those who consider hair tattoos simpler and seek for a more attractive option of golden effect on hair. It allows you to add an incredible shine and gloss on your light or dark locks instead of spreading the old-fashioned glitters.gold-leaf-hair-colors-2019 The gold leaf hair color trend has become so popular and trendy due to the latest fashion weeks during which models were rocking festive and glam outfits with sparkling gold hairstyles and makeups. The first representation of gold-leaf hair was at the Dries van Noten. Use this trick to  show off your holiday cheer with the help of gold leaf hair color ideas.

2019 Layage Hair Color Trend

Probably you are already familiar with the cool balayage and foliage hair color ideas. Now we have a new hair trend called layage hair color for 2019. Like balayage but better layage is considered as a more controlled and neater version of freehand painting and hair highlighting. Here you will learn the best way of aching layage hair color and will be inspired by the latest examples.layage hair colors 2019What is Layage Hair Color?

Also known as fluid hair painting layage is the modern balayage hair color idea which involves hand-painting color onto hair on a large  and chunky at flat surface or board, providing hair with a soft and natural-looking mixture of shades. It is a rich and fresh combination of several hues closer in their tones and reflections.